How To Dominate Your Husband: Part 1 — Getting Started

A surprising percentage of men fantasize about their partners taking charge in the bedroom. It’s a hot fantasy that is surprisingly easy to turn into reality. It’s not easy for a man to ask his partner to dominate him. He has no real-life experience to guide his request. Chances are good that if he gets up the courage to ask, his request will be a firehose blast of stored fantasy scenarios. Yuck! Right, ladies?

Most, if not almost all, women don’t fantasize about dominating their partners. It’s not part of their sexual vocabulary. If they have, their imaginations didn’t wander into the territory expressed by a frustrated man. That’s why I decided to write this guide. I have over thirty years of experience in the real-life BDSM world. I’ve been both top and bottom and have offered workshops for beginner tops at many BDSM events. I’ve learned how to help couples experience their fantasies.

there’s a reason domination-for-hire is a big business

Pro-doms abound. They earn their living dominating men. Many earn hundreds of dollars an hour for their services. There’s a good reason they can do this: Dominating someone is work. It’s a service performed for the benefit of the client. I’ve known many pro-doms over the years. Most are not sexually dominant as a lifestyle. They play a role for their clients.

If your husband expresses an interest in being dominated, it doesn’t mean that you have to change from a sexually vanilla woman into a sadistic mistress. It means that he wants you to play a role in a sexual fantasy. This is the key point that is missed by almost every guy who asks his partner to dominate him. He’s blinded by the bright lights of realizing his fantasy. He hasn’t thought through what he is asking. It’s your job to manage his expectations.

what does he really want?

The bottom line is that he wants to feel your control during a scene. A scene is a series of activities that fulfill the fantasy. It has a beginning and an end. Most usually take from an hour (or less) to three or four. When the scene is done, you both return to your normal selves. Period.

When I teach a workshop for couples who are curious about experiencing this power exchange, we try a group scene. Generally, there are between five and ten couples in the room. You can do this at home with your husband. The first step is to tell him that you are now in charge. Ask him if he understands. He has to say, “Yes.” You both speak in normal tones. No need for, “Yes, ma’am,” just, “Yes” is fine.

Next tell him to stand in front of you. You remain seated. If he hesitates, just smile at him. He’ll do it. Tell him to undress. In the workshops, many men will say, “Seriously?” The answer is a soft-but-firm yes. In the workshop, the women are facing a screen and I am projecting a PowerPoint with the dialogue for them. Tell him to fold his clothes neatly and pile them on the floor behind you. When he’s done, tell him to stand in front of you with his hands behind his back.

Chances are good that he will be erect. You’ve just taken control and pushed some important buttons for him. It wasn’t hard for you to do, was it? There was no yelling, no whips, and chains, just quiet commands that he obeyed. He did something for you that he wouldn’t do on his own. That’s the secret of being dominant. He moves into uncomfortable territory at your command. You didn’t have to change at all.

the language of power

You have just spoken your first sentence in the language of power. You’ve made your partner strip and stand naked in front of you. He may expect to be rewarded by getting sex. He’s about to be surprised again. Look him up and down and then tell him to get dressed. If he tries to discuss this with you, tell him to be silent and do as he is told. Once dressed, tell him to stand in front of you with his hands clasped behind his back.

The message you just sent was very powerful. It feels very vulnerable to be naked and exposed while your partner is fully dressed. It’s even more disturbing to be sexually aroused when she isn’t interested in sex and ignores your arousal.  That’s power. It’s also an excellent first scene.

Invite him to sit on the floor in front of you. Ask him if he liked what just happened. He may be frustrated, but he’s probably delighted. Did you have fun? If you did, great. If not, you now know why women charge money to do this for men.

The secret of successful topping is to provide your partner with as much experience as possible without putting yourself in a difficult or very uncomfortable position. You’ve just learned that without any drama or physical effort, you successfully dominated your partner.

This isn’t going to be enough going forward. It’s just a little exercise to let you both experience the power exchange he wants. It also establishes an important bit of infrastructure. Scenes are conducted with you dressed and him naked. This is always true whether at home or at a play party. His clothes come off before you start a scene. He has his first rule.

At least while you are both learning, it’s a good idea to leave sex out of a scene. He can be hard and dripping, but he has to learn that he doesn’t get sexually rewarded for accepting your control. It’s obvious that BDSM is rooted in sex. But it’s not a good idea to reward obedience with orgasms. Obedience is to be expected. It’s the baseline of BDSM. Orgasms aren’t part of that equation.

After your discussion of how you both felt with the scene–you should say it was fun to control him whether or not that was true–it’s part of the fantasy realization service you are rendering. He needs to believe you like doing things to him. It adds to the contrasts of the power exchange. If he expresses reservations, a little smile followed by, “You will learn to accept it.” is all that’s required.

After that discussion, ask him to stand. You stand too and hug him. Tell him that he was very good and that you love him. Then return to normal life. Next time we’ll consider other things you cvan do. See? Dominating your husband is something you can learn to do.

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  1. Why the top should say- “it was fun to control him whether or not that was true…He needs to believe you like doing things to him. It adds to the contrasts of the power exchange”

    shouldnt she say that i didnt like to humilitae my husband? i the husbands hears this from his wife, his joy will have no bound that she really loves him and dont like to humilate him or enjoy torturing him and he didnt lose his wife? and the wife wants her husband loving and want to make a loving bond in which they are connected mentally

    1. Author

      I think you missed the point. He wants her to do these things. He needs it and she is providing a service he desires.

      1. I know he want this and the wife is doing it for him but how can a wife really enjoy it? Also he showed hesitation I found in the line=
        If he expresses reservations, a little smile followed by, “You will learn to accept it.” is all that’s required.[end quote]

        Here, the mentality has been established that the wife dominates husband. Now how can he have love and romance with her? And what about the wife too?

        The thing that implemented in both brain that the wife dominates the husband… now can she really respect him and snuggle him afterwards as like they did before?
        What happens to the emotional attachment, understanding between each other and mental fullglgillment from each other as spouses?

        Amd the afterplay thing in Bdsm didn’t happen here right? And how a wife enjoy dominating her husband 24/7? And the husband lost the life that he could snuggle, laugh and cry with the wife throughout the life?

        I have so many questions and doubts about FLR, femdom and chastity cage. I trued some googling but all I found that most websites encourages the man to be a servant to her wife. My question is, does a woman really give up all the romance, loving dynamic with her husband and become too controlling and dominate him like a slave? How does she enjoy that? Are they real? I need to clear many things. Hope you would help me.

        Also I really need and answers of the questions I asked here one by one with details .please help me, I really need to get rid of the worries I’m encountering for months and get to a normal life again

        1. There can still be romance and a loving dynamic. Many just do this in the bedroom and lead a “normal” life. It is possible
          Even in an FLR, there can be lots and lots of romantics.
          Also a chastity cage is not needed to play that game. You can do fine without one.

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