A Busy Saturday for Lion

It probably comes as no surprise that Lion was horny last night. He said he was the other night, only to be foiled by a punishment spanking. I didn’t ask him if he was horny beforehand. I might have given him attention right after work rather than wait until later when he’s less likely to be arousable. Well, he was still arousable. I just wasn’t willing to do anything about it at the time. I said we could get an earlier start today.

Of course, I forgot he wants to go to the casino. Not that we can’t do both. We’ll just have to play earlier so we can go to the casino, eat at a decent hour and get home fairly early. I’d say it shouldn’t be a problem to get home early from the casino, but Lion sometimes has other ideas. We never seem to win at the same time. More often than not, I lose overall. However, it seems that one of us will win before dinner, and the other will win after. If he’s winning after dinner, he’s less likely to want to leave. It’s understandable. Regardless of whether I’m winning or losing, I’ll leave when he wants to. Last time we stayed because he thought I was having fun winning. It’s nice to win, but say the word, and I’m out of there. Yet another miscommunication on our part. Let me be clear: I am ready to leave at any time. [Lion — Got it!]

When Lion reported that today is punishment day, I said I didn’t think he needed another punishment. He quickly agreed. I don’t think he wants to visit the spanking bench any time soon. I made my point very clear the other night. He needs to follow his rules. Of course, I haven’t been following them very well. I know he’s interrupted me. There was a conversation where we kept interrupting each other. I’m still not good at punishing him for that. I guess I could have punished him for yelling at the car dealership people. He did get a bit overzealous. In his defense, and the reason I didn’t punish him, they were being very stupid and not listening. They needed to be yelled at.

In any case, I need to do better at enforcing those pesky subjective rules which aren’t supposed to be subjective anymore, but it’s still difficult for me.