This Spanking Taught Me Something New

Thursday was a bit chaotic around here. We were both thrown off our daily routines. After dinner, Mrs. Lion came into the bedroom and announced that I didn’t set up the coffeemaker. Uh oh. Without another word, she got out the spanking bench and paddles. I received a spanking. This was the first time I had forgotten my chore since October 6, 2022, 161 days. That’s not too bad. Apparently, I need violent reminders to remember my chores every so often. This time I went almost six months before Mrs. Lion needed to prompt me with a spanking.

I was surprised when she told me I had forgotten my chore. It’s become almost automatic for me to do it. I was also surprised when she promptly got out the spanking bench and spanked me. Usually, she isn’t so prompt. Less than ten minutes passed between announcing my infraction and the painful punishment. I didn’t expect it. I was also feeling horny and hoped that we might have some fun. The punishment ended that dream.

Over the years I’ve written about the value of punishing close to the time of the infraction. The consensus seems to be that it is beneficial. I’ve always thought that, as an adult, I could easily comprehend why I was being punished even if the spanking is administered days later. Thursday night’s spanking was the first I received immediately after being called out.

I have to admit that it made a difference. Mrs. Lion’s announcement, followed by the spanking bench coming out made an impression on me. I can’t exactly explain it, but when I saw her start getting the spanking bench, I felt a sense of dread that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I didn’t want to be spanked just then. I felt unprepared. Unprepared?

It was a surprise to me that I missed my chore. I honestly had no recollection that I did or didn’t do it. OK, fair enough. In the past, I had hours or days to think about the impending punishment. I anticipated it. When the spanking bench finally came out, I was ready to mount it. On Thursday night, I wasn’t ready. I didn’t want to be spanked just then. Too bad. It made a difference.

As I got in position and Mrs. Lion strapped me down, all I could think about was how I stupidly forgot to set up the coffee pot. I was angry at myself and very sorry that I was going to be punished. Other times I’ve had the same feeling, but this time it was much stronger.

I have to admit that I’m surprised by this reaction. I believed that as a mature adult, I would fully understand why I was being punished and feel remorse no matter how long the delay between offense and punishment. In one sense, I was right. I do feel remorse no matter how long the delay, but Thursday’s spanking made a much stronger impression on me.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. As I mentioned in my post yesterday (“Domestic Discipline Works Even If Spanking Turns You On“), my behavior changed even when I felt spanking was more sexual than disciplinary. My lizard brain is still a toddler and responds better when punishment and offense are close together.

Live and Learn.


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