I’m On A Shorter Leash

We were both awake and feeling good on Friday night. Mrs. Lion played with my penis while we watched TV. It had been four days since my last orgasm. This was the first time in months that she was sexual this early in my cycle. It was big fun, but she couldn’t get me to the edge. I had some sexy dreams after we went to sleep.

Earlier, we discussed my post, “This Spanking Taught Me Something New.” It was about my strong feelings when I was spanked immediately after learning that I had forgotten to set up the coffee pot. The actual spanking wasn’t very severe, but its proximity to the offense truly impressed me. When I mentioned this to Mrs. Lion, she said she wasn’t surprised by my reaction. I didn’t ask the obvious question: if she knew prompt spanking was more effective, why didn’t she do it more often? [Mrs. Lion – – The obvious answer is that he’s told me he wants to be punished closer to the infraction.]

I’m sure the answer would have been that she was busy with other things or didn’t feel up to spanking me at that moment. Both are valid reasons. As I think about this, I must say that Mrs. Lion consistently enforces my rules.  There is absolutely no doubt that I will be spanked if I break one. Apparently, she’s been thinking about punishing me too. In her post, “Speaking of Spanking,” she said that if I break a rule more than once, she will make the spanking more severe if too little time passes between offenses. I can’t argue with that.

She’s also promised to be more diligent about enforcing the “no interrupting” rule. It’s a struggle for her to avoid rationalizing my behavior and not punishing me. The fact that she realizes this means it won’t be long before I’m on the spanking bench for interrupting. I also think she is considering making punishing me more of a priority. Her recent comments suggest that she wants to take a much harder line with me.

I don’t think this is because she is unhappy with my behavior. I think she sees the positive effect a stricter policy has on me. I can’t deny that I feel happier and more secure. Thursday’s spanking made me feel different. Yes, it increased my awareness of my chore. It did something else that I can’t really put into words. I feel closer to Mrs. Lion, more loved and cherished. I think it did something for her too. She’s been more physical with me. I want it to continue.

This isn’t meant to put pressure on her. I’m acknowledging what appears to be a self-driven change in her. She’s right about me and what ultimately makes me happy and secure. I suspect that my positive reaction to a shorter leash contributes to improving how she feels. Right, Mrs. Lion? [Mrs. Lion — We’ve had quite a few weeks of very little activity – sexual or punishment. I’m trying to get us back on track.]