Lion’s Wild Night Out

We had our night out last night. Starting Monday, the county, if not the state, can open up at 50% capacity. Supposedly, the casino was operating at 25% capacity last night. We saw no evidence of that other than in the restaurants. There was a feeble attempt to put plexiglass barriers between a few slot machines. And chairs were limited to every other machine, but people just moved chairs and sat next to each other. Every other machine should have been turned off to truly limit people sitting so close to each other, but then they’d lose money.

I lost more money than Lion, but that’s usually the way it works. He gets big bonus rounds and whittles his money back down. I get fewer bonus rounds, so my money goes out quicker. Lion says going to the casino costs about as much as buying a ticket to a concert or a show, and the lights and sounds entertain him just as much. I know he doesn’t get out much anymore, and that’s why I agreed to go to the casino. I’d much rather play slot machines on my iPad. I don’t win real money, but I don’t lose real money either.

The downside of our night out is that Lion didn’t get any sexual attention. I didn’t do my spanking experiment. All he got were lights and sounds. Poor Lion. Given the fact that we didn’t eat dinner any earlier, he might have gotten some swats. He wanted to wait until our normal dinner time. Since we’d had a late breakfast, I was hoping for an early dinner. Lion agreed to it before we left home and then reneged on it when we were at the casino. I was already down a lot of money at that point, and it wouldn’t have taken much for me to leave. Sometimes I’m too nice to him. No. A lot of times, I’m too nice to him. Not only did I wait until he wanted to eat, but I didn’t swat him for making me wait. Too nice.

Today, I have to catch up on chores. Laundry, cleaning, and whatever else needs to be done doesn’t get taken care of during the week now that I can’t just get up from my desk and throw a load of laundry in or wipe the counters down in the kitchen. I’d much rather work from home. Plus, I don’t have to wear a mask.

We’ll probably wait until our normal time to play. Hey, he made me wait to eat. I can make him wait to play. Actually, on Sundays, I usually take my shower earlier, so we play a tiny bit earlier. I’ll have him assume the position over my knee again and see if we can’t figure it out. And then I’ll tease him tonight with no chance of an orgasm. You may be thinking he’s a poor boy, but no chance of an orgasm means no chance for a spanking if he can’t give me an orgasm. I haven’t figured out if he should get punished if he has an orgasm when I’m only trying to tease him. It stands to reason there should be a consequence for that. I’ll be thinking about it.