An Edged Lion is a Happy Lion

I’m back to this grip. It worked in the past, and it’s doing fine now.

Lion and I have been playing dueling music. I turn mine up so I can just barely hear his. When his is quiet, I worry mine is too loud so I turn it down until his gets louder again. I’m not sure he even hears mine at all. Don’t worry. That’s not the most exciting thing going on.

I snuggled close to Lion last night. As usual, he didn’t give me any indication if he was horny or not. Sometimes he tells me he doesn’t know. How can he not know? I mean, if I’m close and I’ve been letting my hands wander, even if it isn’t down toward my weenie, he should be able to tell if anything is happening. Am I wrong? Maybe we need some clarification. I guess he could know if he’s horny if he feels it independently of my ministrations. If he doesn’t know if he’s horny, he may be arousable. That’s actually what happens when he gives me an orgasm. I’m not horny, but I can have an orgasm if he tries. I won’t say it works one hundred percent of the time, but it can work.

[Lion — I don’t ever remember it not working. Maybe I should go back to giving her orgasms.]

Similarly, I can’t guarantee that Lion will respond if I use all the weapons at my disposal. I could tie him up, put clothespins on his balls and suck my weenie, and he could still not be arousable. The worst, I think, is when he’s horny but not arousable. I don’t know if that means there’s some underlying reason (a nagging thought or he’s starting to feel sick and doesn’t realize it yet) or maybe I’m just not doing enough to get his motor running.

I did get his motor running last night. It didn’t take that much either. I used my hand. I don’t think he prefers my hand now. I’m just glad it works for him again. For a long time, my hand was almost his sole source of release. From time to time I’d use my mouth. I didn’t think I could tease him with my mouth. When I sucked him, he was pretty sure he’d have an orgasm. Then my shoulders hurt too much to jerk him off. I guess my grip changed and it didn’t really work for him anyway. So I switched exclusively to my mouth. Lion wasn’t upset. He loves when I suck him. Me too! I get all the Lion cream directly.

I’m not sure why I tried using my hand again. I think Lion requested it. The change I made was moving to his side of the bed. I sit on the edge of the bed and that angle seems to work for both of us. I wind up using my right hand and, even though I’m teetering on the very edge of the bed, it’s a more comfortable position. My grip works better for him. My shoulders don’t hurt. Everyone wins.

To Lion’s dismay, I only edged him last night. He was ready for more. I got him so close he was sure I’d let him come. Nope. I told him he’d have more fun tonight. He hopes he’ll be horny again tonight. Well, yeah. Me too. My weenie was nice and hard. I’d like a command performance.