It’s All My Fault

We had a good time watching the playoffs on Sunday. I always root for whoever is playing against Philadelphia. I have no use for that team or its city. Sadly, they won. More sadly, I received 418 swats during the game (eleven swats per point scored by either team). My bottom was hot and felt leathery in spots. Still, it’s fun to play our NFL game. We have one more chance in about two weeks when the Superbowl is played. The Chiefs are playing the (ugh) Eagles. I’m rooting for the Chiefs.

Later Sunday evening, Mrs. Lion surprised me with oral sex. She got me very close to orgasm, but no happy ending. I’m writing this on Monday afternoon. It’s been six days since my last orgasm, and I’m hoping that one may be coming soon (pun intended). Mrs. Lion tied up my balls before she started. That added some extra zing to the action.

While she was tying my balls, she commented that I wanted her to put IcyHot on my balls. I reminded her that she doesn’t give me a choice in the matter. IcyHot is very unpleasant down there. She said that I keep buying it for her. Sheesh! I just want her to have the latest and greatest. OK, maybe I do want her to paint a racing stripe on my balls. I suppose it’s like spanking. I find the idea exciting, but the reality is horrible. Maybe she’s right. I guess in my own perverted way, I want it.

My balls turn red as IcyHot burns them.

The first time I experienced that particular hell was a few weeks after my former girlfriend, and I discovered BDSM. It was many years before I met Mrs. Lion. Anyway, this woman liked to read and found The Leatherman’s Guide, a rather comprehensive how-to on torturing men. Apparently, there was an entry about BenGay on balls. One afternoon, she had me tied face-down on the bed. She had just finished spanking me. I felt her rubbing my balls.It was exciting. She stopped. A couple of minutes later it felt like they were on fire. She laughed when I yelped and told me what she had done. Every partner since then has put hot stuff on my balls. It’s my own fault because I tell them about the activity. Stupid Lion!

That has to be significant. Why in the world would I tell every woman who tied me to the bed about hot balls? Why was the first kinky thing I asked Mrs. Lion to do was to spank me? Yes, I know, our first date was anal sex, but neither of us thought that was kinky. She’s right. It’s all my fault.

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  1. I have to thank you and Lioness for your candid honest posts.
    I also have to say…XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX !!!! (Name of football team redacted)

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