Who Knew?

Mrs. Lion selected this paddle, the heavy spanking spoon for the Superbowl

The Superbowl is three hours away. I hate the Eagles and have no particular interest in the Chiefs. The game is a little like when I watch Yankee baseball. I root for whoever is against them. Mrs. Lion has decided to change the NFL game. Instead of eleven swats for every point scored by either team, I will get eleven especially mean swats when the Eagles score. I won’t be spanked when the Chiefs make points. She said that she selected a particularly mean wood paddle to punish me for Eagle points. Now I have an even stronger incentive to root for the Chiefs. I had another thought that would be much meaner. What if Mrs. Lion spanked my left cheek for Eagle scores and my right cheek for the Chiefs? You should be able to see who won by looking at my butt.

I was thinking about our blog and my Twitter and Facebook accounts. They represent a lot of our creative energy. We can’t share them with friends and family. In a very real sense, we have a secret life. It isn’t a secret to the many people who go with us on our journey. They’ve probably never met us in person, yet they’ve seen our most intimate moments.

You’ve seen pictures of me spanked, sexually aroused, and even ejaculating. How many of your real-life friends have seen you that way? None of mine have. Every intimate moment is on public display. Anyone with a browser and an Internet connection can see into our bedroom. Ironically, some of our family and friends may be looking now but don’t know it’s us.

What we do behind closed doors is obviously interesting to quite a few people. We are in our tenth year, and over 30,000 people visit our site and read 70,000 pages every month. Sex sells. Too bad we are just giving it away. We aren’t alone. There are many personal blogs and websites that people have created to share their kinks and fetishes. There seems to be less and less every year. Our readership has grown month-over-month since we started.

We get value out of sharing with you. Mrs. Lion and I enjoy reading each other’s posts. Because we both post almost every day, you can be sure that what we write about is what we actually do. No fantasies here. We learn about each other while sharing with you. The daily task of writing posts helps keep our sex life front and center. We could easily slip into apathy if we didn’t write daily posts.

Living with domestic discipline and male chastity isn’t intuitive or easy for either of us. There are challenges we have to overcome even in our tenth year of doing this. I’m very lucky. Mrs. Lion is as invested in what we do as I am. From what I’ve seen, it’s unusual for both partners to be willing to pursue these unusual kinks.

Some of the other people who do this try to turn it into some sort of religious lifestyle. I’m sure you’ve run into it. Spank your husband, and you will be on the path to divine happiness. Please! If both partners actively pursue any cooperative venture, they are on a path of love and happiness. Domestic discipline, in particular, is something that brings us closer. That doesn’t mean it will do the same for you.

Like many other men, the idea of domestic discipline is a sexually-charged fantasy for me. The reality turned out to be a lot more. For one thing, it was never about sex for Mrs. Lion. I might have gotten a woody thinking about being spanked. I never had one once she began spanking me. She isn’t interested in whether or not I get aroused when I think about her authority. She expects me to do what I’m told. If I don’t, she’s happy to provide a consequence that encourages me to do it. Hot, huh? Nope, not when I’m riding the spanking bench.

Every spanking and every orgasm is chronicled here. We like to write and share. If you’re interested in statistics, Mrs. Lion and I have written 3.7  million words so far in this blog. A decade ago I would never imagined there was so much to say about my sex life. Who knew?

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  1. Indeed, who knew? But thank you!

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