I spent the morning at an in-person meeting for my company. I think something like 73% of us work from home now. Once a year the CEO travels to the big offices for a town meeting. This was my first one and it was another meeting that could have been an email. Well, maybe not, but definitely a video conference. They hype it as a good way to see your coworkers. Most of my coworkers are scattered all over the place. As far as I know, most of them have never met each other. Anyway, it was the first time in a long time I’d been anywhere for work.

We didn’t do anything sexual last night. I don’t know why. Maybe I was making Lion sweat it out. I know he wants an orgasm. (I hear you over there yelling, “Make him wait!”) Don’t worry. I’ll torture him again tonight. I probably won’t make him wait. I can’t promise he won’t be edged once or twice. That will just make it sweeter when he finally has a long-awaited (in his mind) orgasm.

The other day, Lion suggested playing a game. It seems like a good idea. We’d have to work out the details. I think he forgot, because we haven’t played in a long time, that we do have another game – Spankardy. I’m not sure I remember the exact rules, but I’m sure we can come up with them to play again. It actually sounds like a good game to play on Tuesday or Wednesday since those days don’t have punishment swats coming. Would it be bad if I gave him his elusive orgasm after work and then spanked him for our game later? He might not submit to that spanking as readily as if he was horny. On the other hand, does he have a choice?

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  1. Make him wait! I’m not sure when my latest orgasm was. At least 3 weeks, but I have gone 3 months of orgasm denial.
    Last weekend my wife was edging me. She asked if I wanted to cum. I am always in a state extreme arousal and confusion at that point. My body wants to release in the worst way, but my mind wants her to control me. She started talking about not letting me come for a year. This is a long held fantasy of mine. She has briefly mentioned it before but she was sounding pretty serious this time. I didn’t say anything to sway her, not sure if I really wanted to go a whole year without orgasm. At my age, how many more can I expect to have? Then she pulled the vibrator away from my cock and said “No, I’m not going to let you cum now.” I was just happy to have her control my orgasm or lack of.
    Later we talked about the one year of denial. I told her that years ago I had read a blog by the Queen of orgasm denial at the time. She had her husband on a one year of no orgasm. When I read that I thought it was unbearably harsh, now I was seriously thinking I wanted it to be imposed on me. But she is not nearly as cruel to me as I am and said no way would she deny my orgasm for a year!

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