Spanking Game: Football Fun

Touchdown! 7 swats? 14 swats? 21 swats? Mrs Lion has to decide.

Mrs. Lion is still working out the rules for her NFL game. Currently, she has me zapped for each penalty. She is trying to decide how many swats I get when a team scores. I suggested one per point. She’s considering her options.

Scoring isn’t all that frequent, so maybe one swat per point may not be severe enough. Seven swats, what I would get for a touchdown may not be memorable enough. Mrs. Lion will decide. I’m aroused thinking about playing.

She is a bit concerned that in this game I have no control. When we play Zapardy, I can avoid a zap by getting a question right. In the football game, everything is beyond my control. I don’t mind that at all. Mrs. Lion has to decide if that works for her.

I like the idea of games with penalties. I always have. I’m not sure that Mrs. Lion shares my enthusiasm. She invented the football game. Maybe she will have fun playing it.

She is in the habit of playing on her iPad during games. Playing with me might stop her from playing with the iPad. Maybe not. Things don’t move so fast in football that she has to react as soon as a flag is thrown or a touchdown made.

We aren’t the first to think of a football spanking game. Here is one I found in a reddit discussion:

“Sir and i came up with a great one a couple weeks ago. Whenever we’re watching a football game, i get spanked every time a score happens. If it’s our team, it’s his hand. If it’s the opponent, it’s the hairbrush or paddle. Also it’s cumulative. So six spanks for the first touchdown, then seven after extra point…then ten if there’s a field goal next…you get the idea.”

What do you think of this idea, Mrs. Lion?

I hope she will find other ways to extend our BDSM activities that we can both enjoy. If she is having fun playing, she is more likely to want to play frequently. Based on what just thinking about our football game does to me, it’s obvious I need the additional stimulation.

Masturbation games are also big fun. Mrs. Lion says she has fun edging me. Maybe she can make use of that in a game too. Do you have any fun games you play?

[Mrs. Lion – Lion is anxious to start our game. The Giants play tonight. That’s when we’ll start. Lion will receive one zap every time a penalty flag is thrown. Two flags on one play? Two zaps. He’ll receive one swat for every point scored by either team. I’ll use a paddle of some sort. By halftime we should have a decent understanding of how things are going and we can adjust as needed.]


  1. I happy to hear that you cats are getting back into the swing of things…

    1. Author

      Thanks, Mark. The Giants play tonight.

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