I am writing this post on my birthday. So far it’s been great. We are both healthy. Mrs. Lion gave me a box of fudge as my present. Yum! We’ve eaten some of it. She wrote about my deli adventure yesterday (“Two Wins For The Birthday Boy“) . I tried to find a local source for Kosher deli food. I grew up in New York City. Most of my restaurant visits were to either a deli or a Chinese restaurant. Sadly, there are no good ones of either variety in the Seattle area. After living here for fifteen years, I’ve found no seriously good restaurants. Even salmon tastes better at the Oyster Bar in New York. Seattle is mediocre at best.

We’re cutting the cord with our satellite TV. Everything we want is available for less on streaming media. We just subscribed to Hulu Live ++. We are watching NYC TV channels! We decided to do this mostly because it assured us that we could see NY Giants football. An even better benefit is that NYC local news is well-produced. Seattle TV news is high school level.

Yes, Seattle is only the 16th largest city in the US, but its TV and food are worse than much smaller cities. I don’t get it. There are quality universities here. Major high-tech firms are headquartered here. Well, programmers aren’t particularly interested in culture or good food. Seattle has a symphony and an opera. We used to subscribe to both. The symphony is excellent. Its music director makes horrible choices of material to perform. The opera is tragic. The productions are like high school plays. Too bad. There is excellent singing talent here.

I never mentioned it before, but along with not having pubic hair for over 25 years, I’ve also been sleeping naked even longer. I don’t know what Mrs. Lion slept in before me, but ever since we’ve been together, she’s worn nothing to bed too. I also spend my days naked (if I’m chilly, I can wear a t-shirt). That’s been going on for the twenty years that we’ve been together. At this point, I would feel uncomfortable if I had to sleep with something on.

Don’t get me wrong, I like living here. The climate remains good. The people are sorta friendly. The scenery is spectacular. The air is clean except during fire season. I suppose that I am living in a sort of frontier town that culture hasn’t reached. In balance, that’s OK. I have New York TV and can get CARE packages from Katz’s Deli.

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