Waiting for the Phone to Ring

I don’t know if it was because yesterday was a federal holiday or not, but a recruiter flaked on me. We had a 10 am phone call scheduled, and I was left hanging. I followed up, but I haven’t heard anything. Apparently, I’m being ghosted. Oh well. She contacted me so I’m not even sure what kind of job it was. I did receive calls from other recruiters, so we’ll see what happens there.

Lion ordered food from the NYC deli he loves. Now it’s up to me to find rye bread. I went to the store yesterday and completely forgot his bread. I placed an order for delivery, and they were out of rye bread. Do I have to go halfway to New York for it? I don’t know. I have until the food is delivered tomorrow to track down the elusive rye bread. It’s not like it’s special bread. We’re just seeing a bit more empty spaces on store shelves lately.

What’s the world coming to when you can’t find rye bread and donuts?

Our Sunday trip to the casino was fun. The slot machine Lion likes was gone, but we found a few other entertaining ones. As usual, if he’s ahead, I’m not, and vice versa. Overall, he came out ahead, and I was behind. It was nearly a wash. The casino gave us both coupons for a free buffet, so Lion had a free birthday dinner. Surprisingly, they had Osso Bucco. I was considering making it for him for his birthday, but I hadn’t gotten my act together. It’s just as well because he says I need to work on my sauces. I guess he didn’t like it as much as he said he did when I made it for him some years back. I know I’m not a great cook. I just follow recipes.

To head off Lion saying “poor me”, I know I didn’t touch him last night. I don’t know why. It’s been a confusing mix of submitting resumes, waiting for the phone to ring, doing things around here, and more waiting for the phone to ring. What little structure I had working from home is gone, and I’m floundering a bit. I’ll do better tonight. What’s for dinner? Hell, I don’t know. Dessert may be roasted Lion balls. Sauté of Lion balls? What type of cooking method does IcyHot employ?