I don’t understand why the NFL has decided to play games in other countries. Today’s Giants game was on at 6:30 am our time. Needless to say, we didn’t watch it in real time. We watched a recording at a more reasonable hour, although it was still pretty early for football. The game didn’t start off all that well for our side, but they pulled it off and won in the end. It’s amazing what a decent coach can do.

Lion was about to order some food from a deli in New York City when I found a Jewish deli in Seattle. Yes, he was ordering his own birthday food. Yes, it is ironic. I don’t know how this deli remained hidden for so long. Supposedly it’s been open since 2018. We regularly search for Jewish delis and good bakeries. Anyway, we placed an order for pickup and set off in search of real deli food closer than NYC, rather than going for burgers. By the time we made it home with the food, my blood sugar was so low I had the audacity to grab Lion a Coke instead of a Cel-Ray. How dare I? And the food, despite being about the same price as the New York deli, was definitely not as good as its NYC counterpart. Oh well. Live and learn.

We both took naps and showers after our big lunch/dinner. Lion asked why I hadn’t come near him yet. He’d still been snoozing a bit and I was slow to react to his awakening. However, once we got on the same page, he was aroused and looking for the continuation of the previous evening’s blow job. Luckily, this time, it went all the way to an orgasm. A birthday orgasm, if you consider that 9 pm here is midnight in New York, which is how we count things sometimes. It’s easier to celebrate midnight in New York than staying awake until midnight local time.

As far as I know, we are still on track to go to the casino today. I hope the winning streak continues.

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