A Very Delicate Balance

We had a very nice long weekend. Mrs. Lion did a bunch of chores around the house. We went out for dinner one night, and she barbecued bratwurst on July Fourth. It was a fun-but-fattening four-day weekend. We watched the New York City fireworks on TV. Spectacular. We’ve given up on the pathetic Seattle display. New York shot off 60,000 fireworks. Seattle is lucky to see 100. For a city that hosts Amazon, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and other big companies, you’d think that one of them could pay for more than the pathetic backyard show Seattle presents each year. To put the cherry on the Seattle pile of crap, the music is usually selected by a local radio station and it is invariably trite and inappropriate for the Fourth.

I’ll stop growling about this city. After all, it has a symphony orchestra, good theater, and a marginal opera company. That’s a hell of a lot more than most places. It’s the only cultural bastion north of San Francisco. The best thing about living here is the climate. We don’t get the violent storms that plague the rest of the country. Our winters are mild, and our summer is generally very pleasant. Right now, we’re getting unusually hot weather. It’s in the 90’s during the day but goes down to the low sixties or high fifties at night.

We didn’t do anything sexual. I wasn’t feeling particularly interested. I’m not sure that the chemically-induced erections aren’t getting in the way. I plan to reduce the dose to see if it might work better to let the drug just get me slightly erect and then allow Mrs. Lion to get me the rest of the way. Since she doesn’t want me to penetrate her, there’s no real need for a rock-hard boner.

Since my interest in sex has declined, it feels like Mrs. Lion’s interest in our disciplinary activity has also faded. I’m pretty sure that I’ve interrupted her more than once. She’s shown a few flares of annoyance but has yet to translate them into a spanking for me. It almost feels like she needs me to be sexually active in order to punish me.

It’s true that when I get frequent spankings, my interest in sex goes up. Could it be that Mrs. Lion’s interest in being my disciplinary wife goes up when I’m more interested in sex? I hope not. That would set up a vicious cycle that would end with no sex and no domestic discipline.

It doesn’t surprise me that this is happening. My ED unbalanced our physical relationship. It isn’t just that I need to inject Trimix to get hard. It’s that I now control the process. In the recent past, Mrs. Lion got me hard when she wanted to give me sexual attention. Now, I get myself hard and present my erection to her. I don’t think this is working all that well for either of us. OK, to be fair I have to say that I have been tinkering with varying doses of the Trimix to get the right result. Now, I think we are close enough. Should Mrs. Lion take over?

my erection routine

The way it’s been working, I decide when I want to give myself an injection. So far, it has always been after I take a shower. I normally shower at about four or five PM. That way, I’m nice and clean when Mrs. Lion finishes work. It made sense for me to do the injection when I get out of the shower. This may not be the optimum time for either of us. It was just a convenient break in my day.

Based on our history, Mrs. Lion prefers to do “things” after dinner. She usually spanks me after she finishes the dinner dishes. She says she will do it earlier but almost always waits until then. This seems like the right time for her. When she controlled my erections, she would wait until after dinner for sex. She never seemed up for much earlier in the evening. Maybe she needs to control the Trimix injections. There’s no reason I need to do them at any particular time.

She could also administer the shots too if she wants. She was with me when the nurse showed me how to inject Trimix. I would be fine with her doing it. I don’t do a great job. My eyes aren’t good, and I often miss the right spot to inject.

It feels like this change has made Mrs. Lion more passive. This could be part of the issue with domestic discipline. Maybe if she got more assertive in either area, the other would benefit. There seems to be a delicate balance that we’ve upset. Apparently, the connection between spanking my bottom and my sex drive also extends to Mrs. Lion’s interest in sexual activity. We’ll have to experiment.

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  1. So you can get hard (with help) but can’t orgasm. I can orgasm but can’t get hard (even with help). It’s a weird world.

    1. Author

      If you go to an ED urologist, you can do the Trimix shots and get hard. It works almost all of the time.

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