The night before last, I clothespinned Lion’s balls and had a less-than-successful time keeping him aroused. In my post yesterday, I said I’d be trying the butt plug again. Fair warning. After dinner, I tried, and he said it was too painful. Okay. I said maybe he needed more leadup to a butt plug and we can try more anal activity on the massage table. He suggested using my fingers last night. It didn’t really work. I think he needs more practice. No big deal.

He then said he needed some time before we tried anything else. No problem. I assumed he would tell me when he was ready. Either he was never ready, or he was waiting for me to ask, but nothing happened. I’m not taking any of this personally, despite the fact that he made a fuss about not getting any BDSM in such a long time because I know his mind is on his book. He’s been writing feverishly. I’m glad. He’s been very excited about the feedback he’s gotten, and we’re both hoping he gets an agent and the book gets published. It’s a fun book. I like it. And I really do not mind if he’s not interested in sex because he’s preoccupied. I’ll continue to offer my “services,” and we’ll go from there.

We are in the middle of our Labor Day weekend, and the only real difference between it and any other weekend is that I have an extra day off. Prior to the pandemic, we’d have been off on a camping trip. I wouldn’t mind going on a trip or two, but I like being home. I guess I’m boring.

Yesterday, I tried to fix up a toy on a bungee for the dog. She wound up shooting it over the fence. She also did a lot of jumping on me, which is why, I think, my lower back hurts today. Ironically, it didn’t hurt while I was draining, refilling, and feeding the farm. Sitting seems to bother it most. I guess it’s good I have an extra day off from work, so I don’t have to sit at my desk.

Tonight, I will once again offer Lion the possibility of a blow job. Maybe he’ll be ready for it this time.