these are the butt plugs that invaded lion's space.
Photo by Mrs. Lion
These are the butt plugs that invaded Lion’s space. (Top to bottom: 2 lb. steel plug, Njoy max plug, Njoy large plug)

The other night Lion told me he could feel the effects of the butt plug long after it was removed. I said maybe it was time to move on to the next level. If Lion is ever going to be ready for the fucking machine, I need to keep training him. Once he gets used to the size, we can move on to the motion.

Last night I warmed Lion up with the standard ,large Njoy butt plug he’s been taking. Then I inserted a very heavy, longer butt plug. Then I moved on to the largest Njoy butt plug. I never realized it was called the 2.0. Once I heard that I knew we were trying it. We were very close to getting it in. Lion needs a little more stretching. I think if we had gotten it in it would have been very painful getting it out. Tonight I’ll look for a large dildo to stretch him more. I need something with a more consistent shape for the whole length rather than a butt plug with a narrow neck. I know we have a few dildos that fit the bill. If I am consistent, we should be successful with the larger plug in no time.

As usual, I also edged Lion within an inch of his life. In between edgings I whomped his balls. I don’t usually do that. Even though, when we first started our play sessions, he told me he had tough balls, lately they’ve been fairly wimpy. A little tap causes him to wince. Last night they got far worse than a little tap. Nothing that would cause permanent damage, of course. But he could definitely feel it. And Mr. Weenie seemed happy. He got harder and harder. Lion likes to tell me I shouldn’t use Mr. Weenie as a gauge of how much he likes a given activity. Baloney!

Lion has been having trouble with his collar. When he watches TV at night the collar bothers his neck. He asks to remove it. I suggested a sort of heavy chain, along the lines of a metal dog collar as an alternative to the nylon or leather collars. He didn’t really like the suggestion. He thought it would be too “pimp” looking. He went off and found a locking collar which was more expensive and looks “pimpier” to me. But at least it serves the purpose. Now he can comfortably watch TV in his collar. As with his other collar, he is in charge of putting it on so he holds the key to the lock. I don’t mind his having that key. The only trouble he can get into with that one is forgetting to take the collar off or put it on. Forgetting to take it off could lead to embarrassment. Forgetting to put it on will lead to a very sore butt.

Collars, butt plugs, ball whompings, and being edged all lead to a very horny Lion. I think he’s resigned to the “fact” that he won’t have an orgasm until nine days after his ruined orgasm. All 2.0 knows is that it’s after the date on the calendar. Any day is fair game.