We are having a quiet Labor Day weekend. Well, it’s no different than any other weekend. The dog makes sure we don’t sleep late. Mrs. Lion plays on her computer and does some chores, and I write. One of our most vexing tasks is managing our farm. Our tomato plants are producing lots of cherry tomatoes, but they taste bland. The strawberry plants are making some fruit that is either bitter or tasteless. Our lettuce is nice.

We’ve been using Aerogarden plant food. It’s supposed to be great for all veggies. It isn’t. For example, the strawberry plants are healthy-looking with great leaves and flowers. The fruit is yuck. The same is true for the tomatoes, great plants, bad fruit.

I’ve done some research and found specific instructions for strawberries. I’ve ordered the food, and we will try changing their diet. I also got a Ph meter. Strawberries need a ph between 5.8 and 6.0. This is familiar territory for me. I used to have aquariums. Ph and nutrients were very important there.

On the sex side of the house, things aren’t good. I’m still broken. Mrs. Lion is working hard to help. I suspect that the problem is that I’m intensely involved in writing. I can’t figure out why, but it gets in my way sexually. Nothing a good blow job can’t cure. (grin)

Meanwhile, I’m keeping very busy with writing and farming. I like both activities a lot. I’ve learned a few things about growing hydroponic veggies. For one, don’t believe the hype. It’s fun and works but isn’t cheap and takes effort. The best home units are from Aerogarden. I’ve tried two much cheaper Chinese versions from Amazon. They don’t work well at all. Aerogardens are worth the money. Their customer service is great. Their plant food is meh. It’s good to get you started, but our results have been horrible with the fruit.

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  1. Well Mr. Lion, I surely concur that gardening is both pleasurable and grueling work, just remember the same nutrients needed to yield good fruit are also the ones your body needs to stay in proper shape. I truly believe that the mass produced food products we buy in the grocery store are not the same as were produced 50 or 100 years ago, so beware. Supplements are what I suggest, just make sure they are not ones made in China. Good Luck to you and Mrs. Lion.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the good wishes. Hydroponic gardening isn’t very tough at all. It’s more like chemistry class. We know exactly what’s going into the food we grow. All nutrients are organic. No pesticides or other chemicals.

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