little dog training collar
This training collar is a surprisingly effective, inexpensive training device. Before trying it, I was sure it would be just painful. In fact, it has subtle adjustments that make it work for signalling as well as corrections.

When I first got interested in forced male chastity, part of the appeal was the surrender of sexual control to my keyholder. My initial thought was that the only hardware required was the cage. If my keyholder controlled access to my penis, then sexual control automatically follows. That’s completely true in terms of if and when I can have an orgasm. This is certainly powerful and is enough for most people involved in forced chastity. We have written many posts about how to use this power and its effect on caged males. It turns out there is a new dimension to forced chastity: behavior control.

You may be thinking that withholding orgasm and spanking, etc. provides behavior control. It does,  but these measures are generally taken well after the infraction occurs. Also, they are a fun part of many people’s chastity experience. Well, thanks to modern science there is an inexpensive way to provide “training” in real time.  This device is the Little Dog Training Collar.

After reading about this product, I knew I had to have one. I had a feeling that I would regret the decision to buy it.  The idea of electric shocks under my balls just seemed too…well, extreme. The device arrived yesterday.  It’s smaller than I imagined. However, the collar itself is way too long to go around my cock and balls.

collar side view on cock
After adjusting the strap, the collar fits nicely around the cock and balls.

To fit it, simply remove the male (plug) part of the strap and the adjusting buckle. Don’t mess with the female side. The antenna is attached to that side of the strap.  Now locate the device so the contacts touch under the balls. and first wrap the female strap around the cock. Now, see how much strap you need to attach the male and keep the device in place. Next, attach the male connector on the strap at the point you measured. Test it. Is the fit good? If it is, all you need to do is remove the contacts (a pliers will do it easily) and punch holes in the strap so the male side’s loose end goes under the contacts. Before securing the contacts, remove the strap and trim it so that a small amount will protrude after securing under the contacts. Fuse the end with a match, screw the contacts back with the two straps under them and you are done. The result is comfortable and works!

As you can see in the side view, the device is under the balls and will not show through most clothes. That’s important since the device should be worn at all times the caged male is with his keyholder.

device under balls
This view from below shows how the device sits neatly under the balls. It is comfortable and doesn’t show under most clothes.

Comfort is important. The device should essentially disappear from the caged male’s attention. Once it was fitted, it was time to test. This was the part I dreaded. After all it is a shock collar! I imagined that I would be holding on to the ceiling with my fingernails. The reality turned out to be a big surprise. Mrs. Lion tried it at the lowest setting. Nothing. I was sure it was broken. We used the test light that came with it to see. The light went on. It was working. We verified that the contacts were touching my skin. They were. I was puzzled. We tried the next highest power. Nothing. The device has 16 power levels, 8 in a “low” range and 8 in a “high” range. Mrs. Lion kept moving up one power level at a time. At 6 in the low range, I could feel a small, not-unpleasant tingle. At 8, the highest setting in the low range, it felt like a gentle buzzing under my balls. At 2 in the high range, it felt like a hot vibrator; not painful, but obvious and impossible to miss. By the time we got to 4 in the high range, I got the message that I was being corrected. It hurt, but not a lot. It became clear to both of us that the device was usable for multiple purposes from signalling to strong correction. It isn’t some weird and frightening machine that only a true sadist would use. It’s a practical way to enhance forced chastity.

This collar has wonderful possibilities. It will enhance my keyholder’s control and move corrections into real time no matter where we are. Tomorrow, we will discuss how we can use this device for male training and control. Stay tuned.

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    Thankyou for a realistic and honest view at male chastity and where it can lead. It took us several months of trying and giving up but the last time I gave up and broke the lock. It became real I found the next day I was still doing my chores. So we talked and decided that it has finally come to a point where we could not return to the way it was. This is our life now. This is what she wants. I am currently wearing a steel chastity device and will be for the next year or so. It will not be removed. To avoid temptation by her and me I have used rivets instead of a lock. Now it truly is all about her.

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