Lion Out and About


Lion had a doctor’s appointment today. This one was a general checkup. All systems go. The doctor says he’ll live a long time. Lion thinks otherwise. For some reason, he thinks averaging the ages of his parents when they died is a good indicator of how long he’ll live. By that reasoning, if your father died in war or your mother died in a car accident, your life span will be drastically shortened. This is simply not true. Life expectancy tends to increase over time. (Although it has declined due to COVID.) And, with advances in medicine, people are either living longer with a disease or avoiding the disease altogether. I’m happy to say that I’ll be stuck with Lion for a long time to come.

When we got home, he said he likes being outside. He told me at the beginning of summer that he used to sit out on the back porch with the dog in the afternoon. He mentioned wanting to do it again. Has he? Nope. I don’t know that he could manage it on his own, especially since the dog is so rambunctious, but he could ask me to help him. I may not have time to sit with him while I’m working, but he could take his phone out and text me when he was done. I think it would help to alleviate any cabin fever he might be feeling.

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Last night, Lion didn’t want to play. Well, I think he wanted to play, but he was too full after dinner. He said he should be good to go tonight as long as I don’t feed him anything too spicy. It wasn’t really spicy, but I know what he means. I am on a mission to make him the correct amount and type of food that will not impede play. For the record, I’m sure he wasn’t trying to avoid the clothespins I was pulling out just before he announced he didn’t want to play. Even if he was, it didn’t work. He’ll get them tonight.

[Lion — I couldn’t see what Mrs. Lion was up to last night.\