As I was about to get started on chores (well, continue them really), Lion asked what the plan was for the day. I listed off a bunch of things that need to get done and then said I didn’t think I’d get to waxing. I mean, I know he needs it, but while I was dizzy, I couldn’t do a lot of things and those things just piled up. In the overall scheme of things, waxing is not top priority. Would he rather be waxed or jerked off, for example. He decided to mutter “of course” or “it figures”. Okay. So, I guess I’m waxing him.

While I was cleaning up the sticks and leaves the dog drags in the house and plugging in the air cleaner from the spanking bench rearrangement and getting the robot vacuum cleaned out, his muttering was on replay in my mind. I decided it would be at least a part of my post. Then I remembered the shock collar. Light bulb moment. I turned on the controller, hesitated for a few seconds, and zapped him. I heard him jump in his chair and he yelled, “Ow!” And asked me why I was zapping him. I explained about the muttering. He insisted he didn’t mutter and that he’d said I don’t have to wax him. Nope. I heard words. Did he really want to try for another zap?

If you remember, Lion has been advocating for a zap or a zap and a spanking for a while. He can’t be sorry he got one. Well, he can, but he can’t be too surprised it happened. He can, of course, be shocked by it. (Sorry. Had to.) I guess he can also be a little happy about it. Why happy? I’ve finally done what he wanted me to do. I’ve corrected him when the offense occurred. Yes, it was some minutes afterward, but it was close to the offense. He annoyed me. I zapped him. Done.

Is it done? I think so. I see no need to spank him. The zap was enough to make my feelings known. At the moment, the wax is melting. Will I get to that? There’s a lot to be done around here, and I have to make sure I save some energy for the Lion fun he didn’t get last night.

Mrs. Lion is under the weather. She’s been off her game for the last few days. I finally convinced her to see her doctor. She is horrible about getting care for herself. She has been taking daily COVID tests and is negative. I worry about her. She’s everything to me. I’m glad that she’s going to get checked out. Obviously, nothing is going on in the sex or spanking departments. That will have to wait until she is better.

I got a new training collar. It has a dedicated controller that is good for over a half mile. I can wander pretty far and still be within Mrs. Lion’s control. The manufacturer claims the receiver battery will last for 10 days between charges. That will come in handy when the collar has to stay on 24/7.

There are some other things I like a lot. The first is the price. It’s only $39.89 USD. You can find it here. The second is that it is very easy to fit. The strap loops around the back of the receiver. The strap has a snap lock. One end is sewn on (female). The other male end is put on like a standard buckle. Simply trim the strap, use a match to seal the end, and attach the buckle. Voila! You’re done. It took less than ten minutes from start to finish.

The receiver comes with two sets of contacts: short and long. I started with the long contacts. They hurt after a while. I switched to the shorter ones. They are comfortable and make very good contact. Before she got sick, Mrs. Lion tested this collar with me. It works very well even with shorter contacts.

There is a vibration mode in addition to shock. She likes to use that mode to say “Hello.” It can also be useful as a warning. If you want to play with this high-tech form of male control, this may be the best bargain out there.

I didn’t do a post yesterday because I was doing a Costco run. I think it’s been about a month since I did the last one. Lion has informed me that today is lettuce farming day and Lion day. I think every day is Lion day. He says every day is Lioness day. Ha! I know he means waxing, but there are definitely more Lion days than Lioness days.

He’s been wearing his shock collar lately. My phone is the controller. As I work, I see the app lose the signal, regain it, lose it, regain it, etc. When it’s connected, it works just fine. I give him a vibration every so often. He just got a new training collar that seems to fit well right out of the box. We need to trim it since it was made for a dog’s neck rather than a Lion’s balls. It has its own controller. I think the phone is Bluetooth, and it only works for about 30 feet. We aren’t usually even that far apart. However, the controller shouldn’t lose the signal as the phone does. Now he’s in real trouble.

The concept is that I can shock him when he annoys me. The dog annoys me far more than he does. She needs her shock collar on 24/7. I get annoyed with Lion for things he can’t control. And I’m not really getting annoyed at him. It’s the situation. For example, he’ll say he’s getting hungry. He doesn’t say it as a jab, but I know that means I need to go make dinner or lunch, or breakfast. It’s not that he shouldn’t say he’s hungry. Aside from snacks, he can’t really make food. It’s not his fault. It’s the situation. Is it fair for me to zap him because I find the situation annoying? I don’t think so. He might.

He’s trying to train me to zap him without thinking about it too much. What if I’m annoyed by work, and he happens to annoy me too? Zap. If the dog is annoying me and he happens to annoy me too? Zap. If he wants lunch and I don’t want to make it? Zap. I think it’s incredibly unfair. However, life is unfair. I don’t know. I go back and forth. Sometimes I can see his point. Other times I can’t. I don’t know how it will work out, but I’m pretty sure it will be another Lion day thing.

[Lion — That’s the problem. Things don’t happen in isolation. Mrs. Lion worries about being fair. The way I see it is a bit simpler. For example, if she gets annoyed because I say that I’m hungry, she might ask herself if she wants to train me not to tell her. If that’s what she wants, then zap and spank. If something I say or do annoys her on top of work being annoying, the test is whether she wants me to stop or change that behavior. Fair has nothing to do with it. I think that the only question is whether or not she wants me to stop or change.]

I am wearing my shock collar. This is the third day in a row that I am wearing it. I’m not sure if Mrs. Lion likes that I’m wearing it or if she is doing it because she knows I like to feel her control. You may not know it, but I regularly evaluate products that I don’t review here. For example, the specific shock collar that I am wearing is a modified Petsafe collar that uses a cellphone app to control it. It’s expensive but convenient. The drawback is that Bluetooth only has a range of about 35 feet.

The cell phone-controlled collar is perfect for use at home. In stores and other public places, I can wander off too far for the signal to reach me. The tradeoff is the convenience of not needing a separate remote. Mrs. Lion can correct me in public without worry that other people might wonder what she is doing.

Any shock collar has to be modified to fit around the cock and balls. I haven’t seen one that will adjust to the small size needed for our purpose. The strap has to be radically shortened. With many shock collars, this is a problem. All are made with a fixed-length end and an adjustable one. I haven;t found a collar that has a short enough fixed end to work.

Many of the less expensive collars are made of plastic. The better-quality ones have a woven collar. They are the only kind that will fit well. The plastic material is very difficult to shorten. it’s too stiff to tighten around my cock and balls. The woven material is soft and works well. We cut off the standard buckle on mine. Mrs. Lion sewed velcro on the ends of the shortened collar. That provides a secure and comfortable fit.

Most collars are one-piece. The material is threaded through fittings on the receiver, and holes are cut for the contacts. We adjusted the collar’s length and drilled new holes for the contacts. The contacts screw in. They are easy to remove. If you make the holes in the collar small enough, the contacts will hold the collar in place when screwed back in.

The whole process of adapting the collar took less than an hour. It was a fun family project. I’m currently on the hunt for another shock collar that uses a separate transmitter with a lot of range. We can use that model for shopping and other occasions when I might wander out of Bluetooth range.