lion's shock collar
When I shortened the collar the first time, I didn’t bring the male connector right up to the shock unit. This made it fit so loosely most of the shocks went unfelt.

We went out shopping yesterday. Mrs. Lion told me to wear the newly modified shock collar for our outing. It’s a small dog shock collar that I shortened the collar to sort of fit around my cock and balls. It never fit quite right. The longer strap (image, right) was still too long and didn’t provide firm contact with my perineum. I didn’t shorten it further because the long side had the antenna sewn in.

Still, we used it with very mixed results. A few weeks ago, I decided to revisit the device to see if I could find a solution. On further examination, I discovered that the antenna wire was just slipped into a sleeve on the outside of the nylon strap. It didn’t go all the way to the buckle. So, I removed the wire and shortened the strap another couple of inches. Then I cut a new slit in the antenna sleeve and reattached the receiver.

Sadly, while the device fit very well, the fused end of the strap scraped the sensitive skin around my genitals. Contact was more reliable, but still not very good. I now had an uncomfortable device that failed to shock me reliably. I did some searching on the Web and saw some other devices, vastly overpriced at $300 each. At least one used a strap with velcro closures. Ah ha!

I looked around and found an old, padded collar that I had tried wearing in the old days. It was two layers of cloth with foam sewn between them. Perfect! I cut a piece out of it long enough to go around my cock and balls with enough left over for velcro to grip. I punched holes for the contacts, glued velcro in the right spots and Voila! a new, more comfortable device.

Unfortunately, the contacts were still missing a good part of the time. I found my way to the Petsafe website and found their accessory page. I found flex contacts that extend the contact area with a flexible body. The contact was now a full 5/8″ long. Long enough to stay firmly in contact with my skin no matter how I moved.

We field tested the modified device on our trip to the warehouse store. Mrs. Lion gave me a light zap and it worked perfectly. I had to go to the men’s room and on my way back I had trouble finding my lioness. While I was wandering around, I felt a light zap. It was her signalling me that she could see me. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t see her, so I wandered a little longer until we met.

It turns out that the shock collar is not only a correction device. It is a useful, not-painful-when-turned-down signalling device. Who knew? Mrs. Lion.

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    Thank you for this info. My wife loves using this exact same collar on me and we were having the same problem with the contacts. Just ordered the flexible ones.

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