A New Sign Of Ownership

We appear to be entering a new phase in our power exchange. In the past I’ve worn a collar. It’s always been my idea. I have gone through periods of wanting to wear one. I’ve bought several collars in a quest for one I could comfortably wear. I always got itchy after wearing one for a while, particularly in bed.

Mrs. Lion allowed me to wear the collars, but had no real interest in whether or not I had one on. Sunday, she mentioned that she had been thinking about having me wear a collar again. I told her that I had thought about it too. We searched around looking for my collars. We found one that neither of us liked. Then, I found two others in my nightstand. The purple “Lion” collar was one of them.

I put the collar on. Mrs. Lion didn’t explicitly tell me to do it, but she looked pleased that it was around my neck. I had it on for a few hours on Sunday afternoon and evening. After we settled in to watch some TV in bed, the collar started to bother me. The angle of my neck caused the collar to dig into my skin. Even when sitting up, it begins to bother me after a while.

Mrs. Lion let me take it off. She made it clear that I was to wear it as much as I can. I am allowed to remove it if it bothers me too much. The goal is for me to wear a collar all the time. Of course, I can remove it to go to work or anywhere in public. Fair enough.

I wonder if getting used to a collar is similar to learning to wear a chastity device. First, there’s the problem of finding one that is reasonably comfortable. The Jail Bird is completely comfortable for me.  Still, it took a while for me to be able to wear it 24/7. The collar I am wearing now may turn out to be the one I finally end up wearing all the time. Mrs. Lion apparently prefers the collar to be red. I will see if I can find this model online and replace it with a red one.

I’m not sure what having me wear a collar means to Mrs. Lion. Is this a new phase in our relationship? Will the collar have the same effect as the chastity device. The cage gives her a sense of owning my (her) penis. She, in fact, does own it. I can’t use it for anything except peeing. It belongs to her. Will the collar provide her with a greater conviction that she owns all of me? Is this a sign of possession to her? I wonder. In any case, it’s in place around my neck as she wishes.


  1. Author

    My experience is it’s 100% about the fit. I know that leather and traditional dog collars will chafe me. Rope collars remain comfortable, maybe search for those on Etsy.

    I don’t know yet whether curved steel collars can be worn long-term. I expect the “discrete” steel kind can. You can find the “discrete” collar type at http://www.ringofsteel.net and the “shaped / curved steel” kind at https://www.etsy.com/shop/MetallGeyer/items

    And congratulations!

    1. Author

      Thank you! I’ll look into more comfortable types. I agree. This dog collar isn’t going to work full time (at least when I am home).

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