Mrs. Lion is off on a short trip East to be with her family. It’s just the dog and me for now. The dog and I have something in common: We both have “shock” collars. We got one for the dog to help her learn not to jump up on us. It’s very humane. I know because I’ve been made to wear mine and feel its effects. The dog feels it enough to distract her and stop the jumping. It is also unpleasant enough that she generally remembers to behave when I pick up the controller.

My shock collar is worn under my balls, with the electrodes touching my perineum. When Mrs. Lion decides to give me a shock, it feels like a sharp hit. I can’t really describe it. The sensation is unpleasant but doesn’t feel like an electric shock. It gets my attention and can make me jump. The version I wear uses her phone via Bluetooth to send a signal to the unit under my balls. It has an effective range of about thirty feet. The dog’s collar uses a dedicated controller that is good for more distance.

I bought the lion version of the shock collar as a tool for Mrs. Lion. The problem is that she doesn’t have any real reason to use it. The short range makes it rather useless for “paging” me when we are out and about. Too bad. That’s one function she likes. We had one with a dedicated controller that had more range. She didn’t remember to take it with her when she had me wearing the shock collar. We got the current version because she always has her phone. We’ll be getting a new shock collar that uses a dedicated controller. It’s a big improvement for fitting. Mrs. Lion had to customize the collar we have now. The new one (link to item) looks like it won’t need any custom fitting. It’s also a lot cheaper than our current collar.

tie me up

Another challenge for my lioness is restraining me. It takes Mrs. Lion considerable time and effort to secure my wrists and ankles and then set up the actual restraints that attach to the bed. We need an easier solution. One possibility that might be useful is to put an eye in the kitchen ceiling. Mrs. Lion can use quick-connects to attach a short chain to the eye, and my wrist restraints to the chain. We’ve done that in the past. It’s pretty easy to set up. Mrs. Lion then has easy access to my front and back while seated comfortably in a kitchen chair.

The central issue for both the shock collar and restraints is getting in the habit of using them. This is on Mrs. Lion. I don’t know what I can do to help. I know that it’s cool when she uses my shock collar. It’s very exciting to know that she can make me do what she wants by remote control. Restraints are big fun for me.

Both of these activities take time and energy. They also require imagination to integrate into our daily lives. I guess the bottom line is that I’m not maintenance-free.

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