Sex And Spanking (Apparently) Don’t Mix

Ferrule paddle.

I was spanked on Wednesday night. Mrs. Lion promised and delivered. Too bad sex isn’t as reliable. She told me that she used one of the rubber (conveyor belt material from Caneiac) paddles and the bloodwood ferrule paddle. I was yelping from the start. As usual, she did warm-up swats before she started the timer. She stopped a minute or so before the ten-minute timer went off. My bottom was leathery with a few blood spots.

This spanking was a significant event. It was for two offenses. The first was that I left the shower door open. That’s routine. The second was much more significant. She spanked me for growling at her while I was cooking. That is what I hoped she would do when I asked her to spank me if needed. Sure, the spankings for not doing chores have been very helpful. But punishing me for annoying her is very important. It gives her a strong voice to let me know when I upset her. I hated the spanking but applaud her for enforcing a subjective offense.

There was no sex on Wednesday night. Even though my bottom hurt a little, I was very horny. It had been 18 days since my last orgasm. Mrs. Lion made no move to give me relief. I think she’s decided that there is no sex on days I get spanked. [Mrs. Lion — Nope. It was because I was dealing with an upset tummy. Not moving was my best bet.] Fair enough, I guess. A sore bottom can be distracting. I’m writing this on day 19 (Thursday). I have high hopes for today or tonight. The massage table is folded against my office closet doors. I’m ready when she is.

Speaking of sex, I wonder how women learn to jerk men off. It isn’t instinctive. I had to be taught. How do girls learn? Mrs. Lion is fuzzy on the subject. [Mrs. Lion — Trial and error I guess.] She knew how when we met. On the day she locked me in a male chastity device, she had me jerk off while she watched. She said that she wanted to see how I did it. Presumably, that technique felt best to me.

My first sex partner was a virgin like me. She had a very tough hymen. I couldn’t get in. I was afraid of hurting her. Neither of us had a clue what else we could do. Porn wasn’t all over, and it was pre-web. We found a marriage sex book. Each of us looked to see what we might like best. No surprise, we both picked oral sex. That’s what we did. I don’t think we ever tried masturbating each other, though we read about it in the book. It was almost a year before I had intercourse. I never did with her.