Hard Hitting

ferrule paddle on Lion's bare ass

Last night, I let Lion get warm for a few minutes after his shower. Then I set up the spanking bench and “invited” him to join me. He doesn’t have a choice, and he knows it. Asking him to take his position is just a formality.

This was his first real punishment in a while. I decided not to add time for breaking the spilling rule twice in two days. Instead, I was set on hitting harder. Ten minutes can seem like a lifetime if someone is whomping you with a paddle, especially if they are hard whomps.

I may have surprised him when I set the ten-minute timer. Of course, he knows I don’t have to stop then. I swat until I feel I’ve made my point. Sometimes I do it a little beyond making my point. In either case, he certainly knows he’s been punished.

The first few swats are always to wake his buns up. I don’t go full force right off the bat. He wouldn’t be able to handle that. He needs time to adjust. I don’t set the timer until I’ve gotten his attention. It’s best if he has the full ten minutes of harder swats.

Well, I think it’s best. He may disagree.

Spanking spoon on Lion's bare butt

I alternated between a bloodwood ferrule and a rubber strap in the beginning. Truth be told, it was mostly the ferrule. For the most part, they were slow swats. I didn’t do rapid-fire much. I threw in some hard swats now and then. About halfway through, there were more hard swats than not. Toward the end, I switched to the paddle shaped like a spoon. I think it has the best chance at causing memorable swats. I wasn’t necessarily trying to bruise him. I’ve given up on that goal. His hide is too tough. But he was bleeding quite a bit. It wasn’t splattering as it sometimes does, but I had to put the towel on the bed when I was done. I’d just changed the sheets, and I didn’t want him bleeding all over them.

I know he felt it last night. This morning he said it didn’t. Then he sat in his desk chair. That was a different story. When he moves, he feels sore spots. I haven’t checked his buns to see how they look. He recovers very quickly. I’m sure his pride will hurt longer than his butt.