Lion Jinxed Himself

It may take me a while, but I usually figure things out. Either I hadn’t gone in the bathroom all night, or I missed the shower door when I did. I saw dirty paw prints on the shower floor. It didn’t really bother me when the dog got in there, but she was licking up water that was full of shampoo and soap residue. Yuck! It became a rule a while back. Lion gets spanked if he leaves it open.

The weird thing is, he wrote about spanking yesterday. I think he jinxed himself. He’s been very good about following all his rules. Once he slips with one, he usually follows up with slips of the other rules. I suspect the coffee pot will be the next.

When I told him about the footprints in the shower, he said he didn’t want a spanking. Not now. I don’t know why not now. He wasn’t going to get it at that point anyway. Will he be ready for it later? I know he doesn’t ever really want to be spanked. He likes thinking about it, but when one is imminent, it’s not so much fun. He said he’s worried about my hand. I have two. If the sprained one hurts, I can use the other one. I usually trade back and forth anyway. The worst that can happen is I have to cut the punishment short. On no! Not that. Anything but that. (mock horror) Actually, the worst that can happen is that I have to stop tonight but manage to press on tomorrow. I think I’ll be fine tonight.

Lion decided to make chicken parmesan last night. Since he can’t see very well, I have to help. However, he needs things done how he needs things done. He can only do one thing at a time. Apparently, I can do multiple things at a time. And I guess I turn into an idiot when we cook. He asked for a baking pan. I pulled out a Pyrex baking pan. Nope. Not the right one. So I pulled out a cake pan. No, no, no. Not the right one either. Don’t I remember we use one of the other little pans? Um, it’s been years since we made chicken parm. And, by the way, the baking pan he was looking for was a small cookie sheet. His voice was raised because I couldn’t figure out what pan he wanted, but he wasn’t using the right words.

Yup. His punishment will also be for his raised voice. I may be slow (see the first sentence), but I’m not stupid.


  1. double trouble, double fun, so much more pain?

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