Allegra Made Me Lose It

Mrs. Lion has the magic touch. That;’s really us.

August is the height of the hayfever season. I’ve had itchy eyes and a running nose. A few years ago I saw an allergist, and he told me to take Allegra (well, I use a generic version) every four hours when needed. I’ve been doing that. My allergies are under control. Something else isn’t. Mrs. Lion couldn’t get me hard.

I blamed the problem on some sort of loss of libido. Mrs. Lion didn’t buy it. I did a Web search and learned that loss of sexual responsiveness in men is well known. It isn’t a listed side effect, but doctors have noticed this problem. As soon as I read this, I decided to save Allegra for emergencies. The last one I took was on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday night, Mrs. Lion was able to get me hard and nearly to the edge. It felt so good until it didn’t. My penis is alive again. Maybe an orgasm will be in my near future.

In my post on Tuesday (“My Shot Clock Is Running“), I mentioned that it has been more than two weeks since I’ve been spanked. The window for a “just because” spanking was wide open. Before we went to sleep on Tuesday night, Mrs. Lion said, “There were paw prints in the shower.”

“Mine?” I asked innocently.

“The dog’s. You left the shower door open.”

Oh shit. That means I will be spanked very soon. Mrs. Lion commented that I must want one. I said, “Nuh-uh.”

Too bad. Orgasms may be unreliable, but spankings always arrive when earned.

I asked her if spanking me would hurt her already-injured hand. She said that it wouldn’t. In her post yesterday (“Lion Jinxed Himself“), Mrs. Lion wrote that I was also being punished for being testy when she helped me cook dinner Tuesday night. That means a very painful fifteen-minute spanking.

On Tuesday night, we snuggled. Mrs. Lion eventually massaged my cock and balls. Usually, I’m not very turned on by the way she fondles my cock. I think she knows it and does it purposely. She moved the way that always gets to me, and I responded. It felt great! I didn’t want her to stop. But she did and asked me if I wanted her to suck me. Silly question. I was in position in seconds. She sucked me and teased me with her mouth. She wouldn’t let me come. She stopped and left me humping air. Mean lioness!

Aside from the frustration, I was blown away by how good her hand felt. There must be a magic spot that makes me crazy. All I know is that i want more of her hand. I suspect I’m going to get more of her paddle first.