My Shot Clock Is Running

Mrs. Lion wrote about the state of my sexual interest yesterday (” Lion is Not in Sex Mode“). I’m not sure from minute to minute how my libido is doing. Part of my problem is that I’m taking antihistamines for my hayfever. I can’t prove it, but the Allegra I take seems to reduce my interest. There is anecdotal evidence that antihistamines cause sexual dysfunction in men.  I’ll cut back and see if there is a change. Otherwise, lion dysfunction is caused by writing fiction. That’s a price I have to pay.

My orgasm clock is at 18 days. The spanking shot clock is at 16. That’s a little more troubling to me. Mrs. Lion is happy to wait as long as I want to give me an orgasm. Spanking is another matter. If I don’t earn one, she will administer a “just because” spanking. When the shot clock goes past two weeks, a spanking can happen at any time.

Mrs. Lion has a sore wrist. That could affect her ability to paddle me. She doesn’t have an assistant to take over for her. My bottom could be safe for quite a while until she heals. I’m sure she’ll find another way to handle “just because” if spanking is temporarily unavailable to her. She’s very creative.

I’m excited that Mrs. Lion plans vaginal sex for us. I really miss it. Maybe it can become part of our sexual diet.