As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday (“Cool Enough to Wax“), our heatwave is over. With any luck the rest of the summer will be normal (high 80s, low 50s). I’m writing this post on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Lion plans to wax me later today. She’s noticed fur has grown back.

I originally thought of losing body hair as a sort of submissive gesture. That was because my first experience was with a woman who topped me and disliked body hair. She shaved my pubes and butt. I liked the way it looked. Over time, the idea of hairlessness as a sign of submission died out. It’s a cosmetic choice. It’s also practical if you practice male chastity. Hair gets in the way.

Any time I post about pubic hair removal, I get a lot of responses, mostly from men who remove that hair and want to talk about it. That seems odd. I guess these men believe that body hair removal is more than aesthetic. Every woman I’ve talked to about male body hair, whether they like it, hate it, or don’t care, doesn’t attribute any deeper meaning to removing it.

Even my first partner, who hated it, didn’t see my baldness as a symbol of anything. It just looked and felt better to her. Some women are turned on by hairy men. I’ve known a few. They don’t interpret the fur as a symbol of dominance. They’re just turned on by body hair.

Only guys who remove the hair down there attribute any deeper meaning to it. Some of them will invariably add comments to posts like this. They want to tell us how staying hairless makes them submissive. Guys, it doesn’t. Before Mrs. Lion, I was a top. I was well known as one. Guess what? I didn’t have a single pubic hair. Not one submissive woman saw that as a problem or a hint that I wasn’t a strong, dominant man.

My point is that a lot of things that some guys see as symbols of submission only exist in their minds. Women don’t see shaved balls as a symbol. They see balls without hair. Very few women think men in panties are sexy or submissive. Most privately think it is silly. Sometimes Mrs. Lion makes me wear them because she knows I don’t like them and they embarrass me. I feel silly when I have to wear panties, not submissive.

Mrs. Lion, like most women, doesn’t particularly care how much body hair I have. I think I look better (and sexier) without hair. She’s happy to go along. Neither of us thinks it makes me submissive. She never shaved her pubic hair. She doesn’t have much, and yes, it tickles my nose when she lets me lick her. So what? She feels the same way about sucking me.

My point is that personal grooming is an aesthetic choice, not a social/sexual one.

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