Deforesting the Lion

Lion has been trying a new masturbation machine. He said it wasn’t as good as I am. Just to be sure he doesn’t forget that, I gave him a blow job. It didn’t require the massage table. I just had him lie across the bed as usual. And then his very own, live masturbation machine went to work.

The machine may have different settings and suction levels, but so do I. The difference is that he doesn’t have to adjust the settings. I do that as I listen to his noises and feel his movements. In all fairness, with the air conditioner on, it was difficult to hear him. I had to rely on movement. I think I did a pretty good job. I got him all the way to an orgasm. I know he hadn’t waited all that long between orgasms, but he doesn’t always have to. I wanted to see if he would give me some cream filling. In addition to having a satisfying orgasm, he did give a little taste of cream filling. Yum!

His past few orgasms have been “weird”. I don’t know exactly what that means. He wasn’t able to explain it. All I know is that it could have been better. Last night’s was. I hope that means he’s back to normal with regard to orgasms. I like his cream filling and I want him to enjoy coming.

Our excessive heat warning is set to expire tonight at 9 pm. However, tomorrow is going to be 86. While it’s true that’s seventeen degrees cooler than the 103 it was yesterday, it’s still pretty hot. I’m not sure it will be cool enough in the pantry to wax Lion. We may have to wait another day. This time around, it will take longer because I want to wax Lion’s legs too. I don’t mind his hairy legs, but they’ve taken on a life of their own. The hair is very thick, and it looks out of place with his naked body. It may even take two days/nights to get done. Normally, his back side doesn’t take long at all. But with the addition of the legs, it will take a lot longer. Legs are a pain in the neck to wax. Let’s tentatively schedule it for Tuesday night and Wednesday night. It will be cooler and both nights mean I don’t have to rush to get it all done.

[Lion — I never cared much about removing my leg hair. My thighs always look a bit unnatural when the hair just starts a short distance from my balls. I agree that I look better with bare legs. What do you think?]