Achy and Snarky

We have three air conditioners and one fan in the house. It is currently a blistering 94 degrees outside. That’s hot. I was just outside and couldn’t wait to get back in. Lion likes to say, “It’s a dry heat.” I don’t care what kind of heat it is. There’s too much of it. Seriously, coming from New York, I know what it’s like to have 95-degree heat and near 100 percent humidity. It’s a lot worse.

For some reason, my sinuses are acting up. You’d think with air conditioners going and Lion’s dry heat outside, my sinuses wouldn’t have a reason to be all stuffy and gross. It felt like I was drowning last night. I had a sore throat this morning, which means I was breathing through my mouth while I slept. Lion said I was snoring. Anyway, I didn’t feel like doing anything with Lion. It’s hard to suck on a weenie when you can’t breathe through your nose. Tonight, I will take sinus medicine so it won’t be a problem again.

I’ve been pretty achy lately. I know I’ve been doing more running around, up and down stairs and lifting things, but don’t think I should be as achy as I am. I don’t know what to do about it. The doctor doesn’t seem to be much help. I can handle being achy to some extent. The problem is that I get short-tempered with Lion. He’ll ask a question, I’ll answer but probably not loud enough, and when he asks again, I bite his head off. It happens when I’m not so achy, but it’s definitely worse when I’m achy. I’ve been trying to do better, both in answering louder the first time and in not yelling at him the second time. I may have a way of punishing him when he gets snarky with me, but he has no way to combat my snarkiness. I have to police myself.

Tonight, I’ll snuggle up to my weenie again. Of course, Lion will be there too. It will be happy, fun time for Lion. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll have an orgasm, but he’ll enjoy himself nonetheless.

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  1. Mrs. Lion, it’s 92 here in Milton, Fl. with heat index of 99 and 51% humidity! I know how you feel! I don’t go outside much either!

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