I’m Melting

I finally made it to get bagels. Since there was a Costco not too far away, I went there too. I got gas for the first time in well over a month. Not only does it help to have a hybrid in these situations, it also helps to work from home. We were sick during that time period too. And, of course, COVID has kept us away from public places for the most part. I left about 10:30 when the temperature was almost 80. When I got home at 12:45, it was 94. Ugh. It’s like an oven outside. And as you walk, you hit hotter bands of air. I guess it’s like a pool when there are cooler areas. I was drenched in sweat from just carrying everything in from the car.

On Friday, Lion asked when I was going to wax him. The plan was for this weekend. I decided on Sunday. We were discussing how much the air conditioners have helped with this hot weather, and Lion realized I can’t wax him tomorrow. The pantry and the hall leading to it are the only places the air conditioners can’t reach. It’s not unbearable in there, but waxing will definitely be too uncomfortable. It’s supposed to be cooler on Monday. I can always start the wax melting process midday so we can do it when I’m done with work.

Lion’s stomach was bothering him last night. I set up the massage table while he showered on the off chance he’d feel better. He said he didn’t want to discourage me, but he couldn’t handle any sort of sex. As far as I’m concerned, the only thing that will stop me from setting up the table is if I don’t feel well enough to do it. Otherwise, it goes up until we either use it or decide against using it. Of course, I could always say I’d prefer to give him a blow job on the bed. Somehow, I think Lion would be open to that idea. [Lion — Always!]