Tired and Achy

Bugs speaks the truth.

I did attempt to play with Lion last night after he wrote his post. I managed to get him hard but we didn’t get very far because of his allergies. He’s been itchy and uncomfortable. I vacuumed and that helped but he didn’t want me to change the bed because I’d already done so much yesterday. It’s true.

We went to Costco. Lion still can’t lift things so it’s up to me to load and unload heavy things from the cart. The fridge needed to be cleaned out and he said it would be difficult for him to do so I did it. The freezer needed to be defrosted so I did it. I also took out a few bags of garbage. I was hot and sweaty by the time I got the freezer reloaded.

Lion cooked dinner and I washed the dishes. I was tired. I go to bed tired. I wake up tired. I go to bed achy. I wake up achy. Any activity I do makes me both more tired and more achy. Ironically, activity will help me be less achy. To a point. Obviously I can’t just keep moving 24 hours a day. And as soon as I stop the achiness sets in again.

A little while ago we got most of the stuff out of the camper. We put the food away and I’m in the process of doing laundry. There’s at least three loads of clothes to do. The towels and bedding can wait for another day. I need to change our bed and manscape the Lion.

We have to figure out dinner and there’s a football game on. And, yes, I’ll play on my iPad in between things. I’ll be tired and achy, but I’m always tired and achy and I don’t always feel like playing because I’m tired and achy. But we will play tonight because we didn’t play last night and the first commitment I made to Lion when we started enforced chastity is that I will play with him at least every other night.

Between now and tonight I’ll load up the RodeoH with the Silk dildo and I’ll be ready for Lion. Will he be ready for me?