frustrated cartoon

Our heat wave started yesterday. We were stuck in cooler weather while most of the country sweltered. It’s our turn now. However, our heat wave only takes us up in the 90s. I find it difficult to handle that. I can’t imagine what I’d do if I was in Texas like my son and his wife. Blech. Heat.

Stupidly, I have been mowing the lawn. It really needed it and I’ve been doing it in the morning, before it gets too hot. It may be too hot already today, but I don’t have that much left to do. I came inside for some water and to sit in front of the fan before my final push. This may be the last time the grass will need mowing this summer. We’re entering the three months of the year that it doesn’t rain much.

We’ve been going to bed at midnight and waking up at 6 am. Well, Lion did that for a few days and then I started yesterday. He slept in. Today we were both up at 6. Why? It’s Sunday. Let me sleep! Between the heat, lack of sleep and still being achy from cleaning out the camper and all of that running around, I’ve been wiped out. I don’t normally nap. I did a little bit on Saturday afternoon. We had the air conditioners on and it was very pleasant.

After dinner, I snuggled close to Lion and fondled my weenie. I wasn’t actively trying to get him hard. I was letting him know the offer was on the table. Eventually, I asked if he’d be very upset if I sucked him. I was teasing, of course. I figured he’d jump at the chance. We haven’t been very physical since his orgasm last weekend. I sucked him less urgently than I have in the past. I can see how he’d think I was just trying to get it over with. This time I used less suction and let my tongue wander a little more. I don’t know if he noticed. I think I’m doing all these great things and when I ask him about it, he says he didn’t notice. I know blood has left his brain, but I’d think he’d feel some difference.

[Lion — I do feel differences but I can’t really identify what has changed. Some of Mrs. Lion’s tricks feel amazing. I hate to break my concentration to comment. Next time I will so she knows what works best. It all feels great!]

The past few times I’ve played with him, he’s gotten an orgasm. I take pity on the poor boy because sometimes he has trouble getting anywhere near the edge. I’m afraid if I stop, he won’t be able to get back. Last night I didn’t care. Well, I did care. I just didn’t think he should get an orgasm every time he gets attention. That’s not the way his world works. Orgasm denial doesn’t mean I don’t give him sex for a while and then he gets an orgasm. It means I get him all riled up and sometimes leave him hanging. And that’s exactly what I did to him last night. I don’t know if he was surprised or not. He’s got to watch out for me. I’m a tricky one.

[Lion — Teasing like that is what I signed up for. It’s effective because I don’t masturbate. If I could, I would have to go back into a male chastity device.]