I woke up at 9:20. It was 80 degrees already. Fifteen minutes later, it was 83. Oof! If we had continued that speedy warmup, we might have hit 200 degrees at some point. As it is, it’s 96 at 12:15. My hair is sticking to my back, and I’m seriously considering shaving it all off. Nope. I don’t do well in the heat. [Lion — We have a couple of room air conditioners. It’s about 80 degrees where Mrs. Lion is. At 1 PM, it’s 98!]

Lion before his spanking. He hadn’t been spanked in almost 2 weeks. The marks you see are apparently discoloration from my long-term spanking history with him.

Rather than wait until Monday (when it will be even hotter, by the way), I dragged the spanking bench out last night. I remembered to take pictures of Lion’s butt beforehand so he could see the presumably permanent marks I’ve given him. They aren’t bad. I think it’s just discolorations. I also took pictures after. I want Lion to see why his buns feel the way they do. [Lion — It was a very painful spanking that I am feeling now.]

This time, I spent more time trying to get inside the crack. Lion is correct when he says I view spanking as more of a challenge. I try to do a good job. It doesn’t turn me on or give me a warm fuzzy feeling. I really am concentrating on hitting the right spots. Actually, I’m concentrating more on not hitting the wrong spots. This time Lion said I hit pretty far down. I must be out of practice. I thought I was hitting in the right spots. He also noticed a crease in his skin. I guess he’ll need to be further up on the bench. Or maybe further down. I think his legs might need to be bent.

Lion after his spanking. I may have missed some upper real estate, but his crack and center are felt my concentrated attention.

Was he cheating by being too far up on the bench? I know it hurts more when his skin is stretched. Maybe we’re both out of practice. He’ll have to pay attention to where he is on the bench, and I’ll have to pay attention to where I’m hitting. Practice makes perfect. I know Lion isn’t happy to hear that, but it’s true. Don’t let him fool you. He loves being spanked.

Lion’s position on the bench. We’ll adjust him better next time to be sure his bottom skin is nice and tight.

Who knows what shape we’ll be in on Monday in the heat. The bedroom air conditioner is doing a pretty good job. It was still sticky last night but much better than no air conditioner. Lion mentioned going out today. The car is air-conditioned. We might even be able to run one of the air conditioners in the camper if we need to escape the heat of the house.

Regardless of the heat, Lion and I both slept much better because we were together.

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