A Big Batch of Yum

With all the talk of “just because” spanking, Lion didn’t need one after all. He got a punishment spanking for leaving the shower door open. I’d gone to pick up his new contact lens while he was in the shower. When I got back, I noticed the shower door was wide open. The dog loves to get in there and leave dirty pawprints. That’s not really a big deal. They wash away easy enough. However, we don’t want her licking the floor which could have soap on it.

Leather paddle.

Before I washed the dishes, I pulled out the spanking bench and told Lion I needed his butt, and the rest of him, on it. I haven’t been strapping him down. I’m just lazy I guess. When he wiggled around a bit and told me he needs to be strapped down if I’m going to hit him so hard, I remembered he’s told me I can sit on him to hold him still. I wasn’t going to sit on him, but I did lean on him. He still wiggled but he wasn’t going anywhere.

I decided I wouldn’t go for bruising or long-lasting pain. If it happened, it happened. I just wanted a nice all over redness. I think I achieved it. I did manage to open one spot that bled a little. I don’t know which paddle did it. Oddly enough, it might have been the leather paddle. It has stitching around the edges. I only used three or four paddles and I don’t think the others did it. Of course, if it’s a function of how hard I hit rather than stitching or the sharper edges of a paddle, then any one of them could be to blame. I did whomp him pretty hard on and off.

After I was done with the dishes, Lion was looking for something to watch on TV. I listed the possibilities and then said there was a horny Lion to play with. Yes, please! He got into his blow job position and off we went. I’ve been playing with his balls while I suck him. I’ve also been running my finger up his crack and giving it a little shove. Last night, I made a ring with my fingers and pulled his balls tight. I spent quite a while teasing him. Eventually he was getting near the edge. I can usually tell from his breathing or tiny sounds he makes. This time, I felt his thigh muscles tightening. I got him really close before I stopped. I gave him a minute to calm down and then ramped it right back up again before I stopped.

I thought three or four times was enough to edge him. I hoped he was excited enough to give me some cream filling. He was. Yum!