A Tale of Two Nights

The lion was very lucky last night. First, I had to go pick up prescriptions, and I brought home the good pizza he loves. Second, since I was out, we ate later than usual, and I didn’t feel like spanking him. Third, he wanted me to test his ability to produce semen after orgasm, so I obliged him. What a lucky boy! Three gifts in one night. I asked him how his buns felt after not being spanked. He got a silly grin on his face and said they felt fine. We’re so goofy. It doesn’t take much to amuse us.

Now, Lion has a problem. He’s due a spanking, and he’s not horny anymore. The last time I spanked him, I felt sorry for him. It was only a “just because” spanking, and I stopped with a little less than five minutes to go. This time, he forgot the coffee pot, and he was a know-it-all. I’m unlikely to let him off the hook again. He’ll definitely have a sore bottom by the time I’m done with him. He knows he deserves it, but that won’t stop him from telling me I’m hitting too hard or I’ve done it long enough. He may think it feels too hard or too long, but I’m the one who decides.

I hope Lion savored last night. He won’t be nearly as happy tonight. His buns will be on fire. And there’s very little chance he’ll get any sex tonight. Poor Lion. He’s so neglected. If he’s smart, he’ll reminisce about the good old days (last night) while we watch TV. Otherwise, I can always “neglect” his backside some more. I don’t think he’s ever had two spankings in one night. I’m sure he doesn’t want to start tonight.