Let’s face it, we are all affected by the insanity around us. I spend too much of my time worrying about whether I will be called back to work from furlough. This is incredibly tiring. It may be depressing my interest in sex. I certainly have too much time to think about things. It’s probably not going to surprise you that I don’t spend a lot of my time thinking about male chastity. That’s a game with few rules and very easy for me to follow.

In fact, I don’t have to do anything. Mrs. Lion lets me stew in my own juices until she thinks I’m ready and then if I’m lucky, she will make me ejaculate. It’s fun, but not very complex. Similarly, wearing a chastity device is effortless as well. Once you have the size figured out and you find one that fits, all you have to do is wear it.

When we started male chastity, I wondered why I would want someone else to determine when I had a chance to enjoy sex. At that point, I was pretty tired of jerking off. I did that a couple of times a week. Mrs. Lion wasn’t particularly interested in sex. Again, not complicated even if it is frustrating. I did think that it could be fun to be sexually frustrated. I’m not sure that’s exactly right. It was exciting to anticipate the orgasm at the end of the tunnel. Being locked in a chastity device is pretty much like being a little kid waiting for Christmas. It’s all about anticipation. That’s why a wise keyholder will unlock her partner and tease him regularly. It’s like a visit to Santa. New dreams are created and anticipation grows.

Mrs. Lion seems to enjoy my reaction to being edged and then left sweating and panting. If I’m not in a chastity device, she knows that I have to control any impulse to finish the job myself. The penalty for doing that is very painful. Being edged is a little bit like being a kid looking for his presents. He finds some of them, shakes them, tests their weight, and then has to put them back untouched until Christmas. It’s fun and very frustrating.

Ultimately, enforced male chastity is a game designed to hold a man’s attention by controlling his penis. A lot of guys like it. Less, but still quite a few, women enjoy it too. There is a certain amount of fun in seeing how sexually frustrated she can get her partner. It’s the ultimate cock tease.

I like it when Mrs. Lion really gets into it. Sometimes she enjoys edging me day after day. Sure, it’s frustrating to me, but it’s also big fun. More recently, she plays with my penis pretty much every night. I don’t seem able to get to the edge in the early days after an orgasm. Eventually, she can get me to the edge. A day or two after I can be brought to the edge she gets me off. I think that it might be more fun if the wait-for-my-orgasm meter starts running after she can successfully edge me. I realize that will make my waiting longer, but I think we will both have more fun.

pick a card, any card

lion's box of penalties
Lion’s Box O’Fun.

The most recent addition to this game is the Box O’ Fun. Now, I have to pick a card from the box and experience the “penalty” written on the card. That means there is a generally-painful price to pay before I can be teased. I think we are both enjoying this. Mrs. Lion isn’t being very strict about making me do everything that I pick. The other night, I picked “pegging”. I wasn’t in the mood, and as it turned out neither was she. So she let me pick another card. I think that’s fine. The point is that one way or another I’m going to get whatever it says on a card I pick.

After I pick a card, Mrs. Lion does not return it to the box. She puts it away. This way, I end up experiencing absolutely everything written on the cards in her box. It adds an element of suspense. When she thinks of new things, Mrs. Lion adds cards to the box. She doesn’t tell me that she’s done this. She used to have more than one card for some activities. These were things she particularly liked to do to me. Since we are doing this almost every night, I would too frequently pick the same activity on successive nights. This happened so often that we decided each activity would only be represented by one card.

I’m pretty sure that Mrs. Lion hasn’t thought about this, but there’s nothing to stop her from returning a card for an activity she particularly likes to the box after a few days pass. That way repeats would be spaced out and she would get to do the things she likes best. One card is a do-over card. This is like the “get out of jail free” card in Monopoly. If I pick that, I keep it. I can use it anytime I want. If I pick an activity I particularly hate, I can give Mrs. Lion the card and she will let me pick another activity. The card for the activity I hate goes back into the box. I am just postponing the inevitable.

There are a few anal activities in the box. When they’ve come up, Mrs. Lion and I have generally agreed to skip them for the night. It’s probably time to perform them when I pick them. I think one of the more interesting aspects of this particular play is that Mrs. Lion is free to edit and update the contents of the box at any time. That means I can’t be sure what’s left for me any night I pick a card.

It’s the BDSM version of male chastity. Mrs. Lion controls what will happen to me, but I control when it happens. That’s the effect of letting me pick from the box. Sooner or later Mrs. Lion will be using the roll-on Icy Hot on my balls. She will set a timer and I will have to endure the heat for at least that long. She also has a card for a different brand of hot stuff. It turns out that it’s just as fearsome as the maximum-strength Icy Hot. I never know how much she will apply.

Sometimes she “paints” a racing stripe from the bottom of my perineum all the way up to the base of my penis. She follows the seam on my balls. If it’s a narrow stripe, it’s much easier to endure. If she decides to slather a lot on and cover my perineum and most of my scrotum, I’m in for a very nasty, hot time. How thickly she lays it on determines how long it will keep burning me. She doesn’t have to set a timer. She can just make me wait it out. Both of those products start losing their heat from 15 to 30 minutes after they are applied. Mrs. Lion is perfectly capable of slathering a thick coating on when she wants. She’s done it before and I’m sure she will do it again.

Our experience with domestic discipline has hardened Mrs. Lion’s BDSM play. She knows that I want this and is very unlikely to react sympathetically to my expressions of discomfort. As a disciplinary wife, she has learned to spank me without regard for my reactions. She judges the intensity and duration of my spankings by a standard that’s known only to her. I no longer have any input it all. All I can do is stay in position.

The same is true of the Box O’ Fun. She performs the activity without any particular interest in my reaction. That’s not exactly true. I think she carefully observes me. However, she doesn’t let my objections stop her. She’s going to go on until she decides she is finished. That’s lioness 3.0!


  1. I’m really enjoying your site and both sets of your posts as a couple. I’m new to the chastity scene and have only been wearing mine for a week now but I’m finding the whole experience to be pretty great. I have a sex buddy who is kind of a cigar smoking, Dom, trucker-bear guy, definitely my type, whom I’ve been discussing giving my key to once the pandemic levels off (or even sooner actually after I get acclimated to this thing).

    This is complicated because I am married, over 20 years now, but in an asexual relationship so the dynamics of power exchange will be tricky to navigate. Still, differences aside, your site and writings are a great resource and I wanted to thank you for that. Lastly, I know all too well the affects of anxiety on libido. I was jacking off like 3x a day initially during Covid-19 lock-down, that leveled off into a steady stream of meh. Then I found your site and was like… now is as good a time as any to explore my sub side, which I have discussed with my buddy (and experienced many times at his hand). So it just kind of felt natural. Life is a journey.

    I’m thankful for guides like you and your wife who are willing to share.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your kind words. Good luck on your adventure.

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