Waxed And Frustrated

I was waxed today (Sunday). Mrs. Lion has gotten very good at removing my fur. It took her less than an hour to remove everything from my neck to mid-thigh—this included time to tease me with oily hands. Practice does make perfect when it comes to removing my hair. She does a professional job from beginning to end. When she first started waxing me, I spent a lot of time in the shower picking bits of wax off my balls and other intimate areas. Now, all I have to do is wash off any residual oil.

As she was cleaning residual wax off me with one hand, she was masturbating me with the other. For a while, I had hoped that she would let me come. Nope. She got me very hard and aroused. I tried to “help” her with my hips. It was to no avail. I sit here hair-free and frustrated. What happened to my orgasm blitz?

Mrs. Lion is unpredictable. I should know that by now. It doesn’t make it any easier for me. Once she gets my motor running, I hope for a happy ending. Even if I know that she just teases me over ninety percent of the time, I still hope that I will get lucky this time. Would it do any good to let her know I’m getting tired of frustration? Probably not. She already knows I am.

I don’t get a vote when it comes to sex. Well, I usually get a veto. Mrs. Lion doesn’t try to see if she can get me going even if I say I’m not in the mood. I never understood why she doesn’t. She reasons that sex is fun for me, so if I don’t want fun, why give it to me? There’s a flaw in that logic. If I want fun, doesn’t it follow that she should give it to me?

It seems to me that taking sexual control should work both ways. If I don’t get a choice when I get to ejaculate, why do I get a choice when I don’t want stimulation? When I’m not in the mood, a session with the Magic Wand will probably overcome my resistance—just saying.