A Waxing We Will Go

I attempted to get the waxing room ready, but the stuff piled on the waxing table has nowhere to go. I’ll have to move it out and move it back when we’re done. The wax is melting. It takes a few hours to be fully melted. There’s plenty of time to get things ready.

There were no dreams last night. At least, none that I remember. Lion was safe. I don’t think he has anything to worry about. I’ve had dreams with him in them before and I’ve never hit him in the dream or otherwise. I’ve even had dreams where he’s done something stupid and I got mad at him even though I knew he did it in the dream and not in real life, but I didn’t hit him. He should be lucky I’m not my former coworker who occasionally elbows and punches her boyfriend in her dreams. He’s wound up on the floor more than once.

Unfortunately for Lion, when I do hit him, he feels it, deserves it, and knows it’s coming. And, if Law and Order: SVU can be believed, BDSM goes wrong all the time and people die. I suppose that may be true in some cases, but certainly not as prevalent as they make it seem. Lion may wind up with a bloody tush, but he’s never in any real danger. I’d stop immediately if he was. As a matter of fact, I often stop long before he’s in danger simply because there’s a lot of blood. He generally insists I could have kept going.

Something has changed in our snuggling set-up. It’s my fault because Lion just lays there. I don’t seem to be able to reach my weenie as easily as I used to. I think I’m trying to avoid his shoulder that tends to be sensitive, so I am further up on the bed. My arms are only so long. If I want to stay under the blankets, I have to move down more. Sitting up or moving to the other side of the bed means Lion has to come out from under the covers. I don’t necessarily need him to do that if he’s not getting aroused. Sometimes I’m just idly playing with him and nothing much is happening. We like to stay where it’s nice and warm if it’s just a drive-by. Once things heat up, he comes out to play.

I tried last night and that’s when I came to my conclusion. Of course, I didn’t have the solution yet. I was on the tail end of a sinus headache. Not today, though. Lion will get waxed and cleaned off with oil. My weenie will get some attention. I don’t know if he’ll be very excited, but we should be able to have some fun.