Here Comes Lion

Sometimes I don’t know what Lion wants. I’ve given him orgasms a few times, and he’s said he would rather have waited. There have been many times I’ve made him wait, and he’s said he would rather have had an orgasm. Obviously, with male chastity, he should wait. I don’t want to say he should be happy he’s waiting, but isn’t waiting part of the point of male chastity? Usually, he does his “poor Lion” act after I leave him hanging, but sometimes he seems genuinely upset that he didn’t get an orgasm. Conversely, there are those very few times he genuinely seems upset he’s had an orgasm.

I don’t think he was genuinely upset he didn’t have an orgasm yesterday. [Lion — I wasn’t.] I’m not sure I’ve ever given him one right after waxing. It’s only been the past five or six times that I’ve really gotten him going when I’m cleaning wax off him. It didn’t even cross my mind. For the past year or so, he hasn’t been ready for an orgasm much before four days after an orgasm. I think this is the first time in a very long time he’s even felt horny this close to coming.

I should definitely take advantage of his interest. If I can “bank” an extra orgasm here and there, if his desire does slow down at some point, we’ll still be on track for our goal of an orgasm a week. We won’t be sliding into December with seven orgasms to go and no time left on the clock. It’s all about time management. I don’t want to wait until the end of the year. I say we should score early and score often.

Lion better eat his Wheaties.

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  1. Lions are hard to please. It’s like he doesn’t know what he wants.

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