Wrong Choice

Before Lion went into the shower yesterday, I asked him how long the pot roast had to cook. I needed to know when to start roasting the carrots and potatoes, but I also needed to see if I had time to spank him after he came out of the shower. I reasoned a freshly washed butt would be more tender, and it would be a good time to swat it. I also figured there would be enough time between his spanking and later sexual activities. Once I found out that I did have time, I finished up a few things and got the spanking bench out.

I didn’t whomp him for the full ten minutes. It wasn’t really a punishment. I was really just testing out the new leather strap. The grip is nice. It’s a little too long, but Lion assures me I’ll get used to it. I wonder if he will. I didn’t hit him full force, although I did get him pretty red. He didn’t bleed at all in almost seven minutes. Maybe Lion is correct in his theory that leather paddles don’t cause bleeding.

While dinner cooked the rest of the way, Lion snoozed a bit. I had to wake him up to make the sauce. I could have done it, but he’d been cooking, and I didn’t want to take over. He thought the meat looked too dry to be any good. I don’t know if it wasn’t as dry as it looked or if the sauce saved it, but it was a restaurant-quality meal. I cleaned up, and we went into the bedroom.

I don’t know what time I started to attempt to get my weenie interested. I waited a bit so our food could settle. Lion had snoozed, so I figured that sort of reset the clock a bit. I was wrong. Lion wasn’t arousable. He said it was probably too late. I wonder why he thinks it’s late when he snoozes, and I try to play after, but when he sleeps, and I don’t, he says sex shouldn’t be cancelled just because he snoozed. I guess it all depends on your point of view.

In any case, he didn’t have his last orgasm of the old year. Perhaps he’ll have his first orgasm of the new year today. He asked earlier if there was anything on the agenda. I assumed he meant errands. It’s New Year’s day so I didn’t have plans to go out. I’m catching up on laundry, but that isn’t really a plan. I do know he needs to be waxed again. I’m planning that for next weekend. This weekend is errand and plan free as far as I know.