We don’t normally go to a butcher shop. We get most of our meat from Costco. They have the best prices and it’s pretty much the only place you can find prime cuts of meat for sale to the public. Sometimes, there’s a cut of meat we need that isn’t readily available in Costco or a grocery store. Lion wants to make pot roast. I’d think any old roast would do. What do I know? (Nothing.) We needed rump roast. I’m pretty sure it’s not from the rump of the cow. Other than that, I have no idea what it is or what to do with it. He said our best bet was a butcher since grocery stores probably wouldn’t have it. I’ve never checked. I don’t know one roast from another and they may call it a different thing at the supermarket. Anyway, we went to the butcher and got rump roast and some beef shank for soup. Pot roast and beef mushroom barley soup are on the agenda for tomorrow. We’re still trying to lay in a good supply of comfort food for the winter. It would help if we didn’t keep eating it before winter gets here.

I’ve been curious about fried turkey. Some people swear by it. How do you manage to fry a whole turkey without some of it being too done and some of it being raw? I’ve never actually wanted fried turkey. It just intrigues me. Lion is fond of sous vide. That’s how we’re doing the pot roast. You put the ingredients in a plastic bag and basically boil them. Well, it’s not necessarily a boil. I say boil. Lion says simmer.[Lion — No I don’t! Sous vide is at much lower temperatures. The pot roast cooks at 140 F for 10 hours. That’s not a simmer.] The point is the water is hot. I wondered if you could use sous vide for turkey. If you can fry one, it stands to reason you could boil one. And it turns out you can. Now we’ll have sous vide turkey for Thanksgiving. Who knew?

I didn’t spank Lion last night. We were going to do a boner shot on Thursday night, but we were both hungry and decided to push it off until after dinner. Then we didn’t do it anyway. Last night, we finally did it. I didn’t play with him. I just jerked him off for a bit and then asked if he wanted a blow job. There are very few times he’s turned me down. I swear the fastest I ever see him move is when he’s getting into position for a blow job. It took a little bit of doing, and I almost gave up a few times, but he got there and gave me a very nice mouthful of cream filling. Next time, I’ll have to take a few minutes to play with him and see if that speeds things up. From previous conversations, he thinks it should. It gets him hornier, and, theoretically, he’ll be further along in the process. Of course, there’s no real way to tell. I can’t put two Lions side by side, play with one but not the other, and see who comes first. (Two Lions. Yikes! One is enough, thank you very much.)

Will I spank him tonight? I doubt it. I still have some stuff to do around here. Tomorrow is cooking day. Maybe I’ll have enough energy. Maybe not. We won’t be doing the football spanking game tomorrow. We haven’t figured out new rules. And the point of a spanking right now is to test out the new paddle. It doesn’t even have to be a real spanking. I guess I could give him a few swats to see what it feels like. I’m sure I have the energy for that.

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