Beef, Mushroom Barley Soup

bowl of mushroom barley soup
Beef mushroom, barley soup is just the thing for chilly days. Developing the recipe is the same way we got into enforced male chastity. Click here for my recipe.

Since my very nice orgasm on Thursday, I’ve been quite contented. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about soup. It’s the fall weather here that makes a nice bowl of soup sound good to me. What does this have to do with FLM and enforced chastity? Nothing. Anyway, I’ve been trying and adjusting recipes to get things right. I am happy to say I have a really good beef, mushroom barley soup down. If you want to try it, you can find my recipe here. I’m not going to say that enforced chastity is like beef, mushroom barley soup. That would be too cheesy; and there is no cheese in this recipe. But I will say that the process of making chastity part of your life is much the same as perfecting a recipe.

While cooking I realized that I approach most things the way I cook. I start out with an idea that turns me on. In the case of the soup, made me hungry to think about it and with enforced chastity thinking about it gave me a woody. A visceral response starts my process. My next step is to learn as much as I can about the subject. In the case of the soup, I looked at cooking sites until I found a likely candidate recipe. With enforced chastity I did the same. I joined forums, read blogs, searched out products. It took me a long time to learn all I could about enforced male chastity; nearly 15 years before I felt ready to actually try it. I spilled a lot of my seed thinking about how it would feel to be sexually controlled. Ironic,  no?

As with the soup, the next step was to give it a try. Using what I learned, I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me up. It was exciting but far from something we could sustain. The soup was tasty, but clearly needed more carrots, mushroom, and celery. Some seasoning needed changing too. You can see where this is going. The first device we tried turned out to be less than perfect in terms of comfort and sanitation. We went to a Jail Bird and sent that back twice to get the fit exactly right. Mrs. Lion needed to learn how to use the power I gave her. She’s been adjusting things since we began. Each time she gets closer to perfect as my keyholder. There is another parallel between soup and enforced chastity: We weren’t sure that we would like it until we gave it more than one try. The same was very true of enforced chastity. We went through self doubt, fear, and impatience in the process of adding enforced chastity to our lives.

Once you have a good recipe, new vistas of things to eat with it open up. In the case of this soup, we both love a warm baguette of french bread, sliced and buttered to eat and dunk in the soup. Add a small, green salad and we have a perfect meal. After we got our enforced chastity going well, I started thinking of things that could accompany it. This is where I could have gone horribly wrong. Imagine how floating marshmallows on the soup would taste. Yuck! I had lots of thoughts about what would go well with enforced chastity. Some were obviously wrong, even to me. But I found some that felt right and wanted to present to Mrs. Lion.

We’ve adopted some of these ideas: spanking, domestic discipline, FLM, and some painful play. Mrs. Lion is very good about trying new things. She doesn’t like all of my ideas. Some she just doesn’t want to do. Most, she will try and continue doing even if she doesn’t like them. She does this because she knows they do something for me. She’s the same way about food. There are some dishes I love that she just tolerates. She encourages me to cook them anyway. A few dishes she just won’t eat, like osso buco. She made that for my birthday. Well, she made it for me. She ate something else.

I’m very lucky that my lioness will try new things and even if she isn’t that fond of them, will continue just to make me happy. It’s no wonder that I will do anything for her except share her with another lion. I’m glad she has no interest in that. I’m also glad she likes beef mushroom barley soup.


  1. Author

    Such a yummy post! That’s a great analogy.

    1. Author

      Thank you! The next project is Pennsylvania Dutch chicken corn soup. We ate the first attempt last night. It was truly great. Maybe I can tweak it next week.

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    You two have such a wonderful relationship. More power to you.

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