Pulling The Lion’s “Tail”

Mrs. Lion and I can’t seem to understand one another in terms of humiliation. She prefers “embarrassing” to the “H” word. I admit that I don’t get it. Julie, of strictjuliespanks.blogspot.com, wrote a wonderful comment that bears discussion.

I think of it [sic. Jerking a man off]  just that way myself! I don’t even think of a handjob as a sex act from my point of view. It’s amusing, like pulling a puppy’s tail (not that I would advocate pulling puppies’ tails, it’s more a turn of phrase. But if boys had tails, I would pull those!). I am certainly aware of his embarrassment, especially when done in company or when I let another woman do it (lesbians seem to enjoy doing it just as much, which further confirms it’s not much of a sex act to us). I mean, it is objectively funny, him getting so hard, the tip getting all bulgy and purply, the way he jiggles his hips as he gets closer, the little moans, and the spurty is the most fun of all, only slightly more fun than the crying when you stop before it happens and make him put it away.

She captures the way it feels to me. The idea that it’s amusing to the woman and profoundly intimate to the man is the essence of a humiliating experience. If he is aware that she doesn’t find masturbating him sexual, it further widens the emotional gap. I imagine that most women don’t find giving a man a handjob as a sexual act to them. There is no contact other than her hand. Some women make it even more impersonal by wearing a glove.

Mrs. Lion regularly edges me. I know that my hips are moving, and I’m making noises as I get close to coming. When she stops before I can finish and kisses the head of my cock and tells me that’s all, it’s frustrating and humiliating. She’s not only shown that she can get me hard and ready to ejaculate. She’s stopped and has the power not to let me finish. She can do this without any arousal on her part.

The essence of sexual humiliation is encapsulated in that act. I’m vulnerable and at her mercy. She brings me to the point of orgasm and then won’t let me finish. I have to groan and accept the frustration. I’m putting on quite a show. She’s just used her hand. I can see how that is amusing. It doesn’t matter. I can’t wait for Mrs. Lion to pull my tail again.


  1. My (lesbian) sister once gave my husband a handjob at the kitchen sink using water, dish detergent and thick yellow rubber gloves. She even put a finger up his bum just before he spurted into the sink! His balls were up on the countertop lip in front of the sink bouncing up and down in a puddle of water as she jerked him into the sink. He had to be a bit on tippy toes to get over it like that. It was funny for us and super embarrassing for him, but like you, he still wanted it (good feels plus he gets turned on being embarrassed like that).

    1. Author

      Lucky David! I like that something so important (sex) for me can be the source of amusement to the woman delivering the sensations. I know from personal experience that lesbians can often enjoy men.

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