Change is Good

Tuesday night, while I was jerking Lion off, I was thinking we’ll be switching back to oral sex. This has nothing to do with hand jobs being humiliating for him. I still consider them sex. I just like oral sex because we’re more connected. I like the intimacy. Ironically, after we were done, Lion asked if we were ever going to do oral again. Great minds think alike.

This week has thrown me off. I don’t know if it’s because I have Friday off or if it’s because others at work have time off. I’ve had chores lined up since Sunday and, even though I’ve been plugging away at them, I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere. The bed hasn’t been changed. The dog’s toenails are still lethally long. The laundry is still in the dryer. But I have been doing things. Honest.

I didn’t think Lion would be horny last night. We watched the Lucille Ball movie. He loves “I Love Lucy”. I can take it or leave it. We tend to watch reruns so much, I get numb to them – even shows I love. On the other hand, we find shows we haven’t seen in a very long time that are fun to watch again. I guess that’s the good thing about streaming services.

At some point today, I’ll change the bed. I have to do it when he’s not in it and I’m not working. That’s been the challenge this week. By the time I’m done working, he’s had his shower and is snuggled under the covers to get warm. Since I’m pretty distracted today, I’ll probably change the bed after lunch. Lion will be back in his office, feverishly writing.

Once the bed is changed, with a nice clean comforter on top, we won’t have to worry about crumbs, dog hair and the other accumulated crap. Lion can safely and comfortably stretch across the bed for his blow job. I doubt he’ll be too horny so close to his orgasm, but I still like sucking on my weenie. Sometimes he surprises me by getting hard. He may not be able to do anything with that erection yet, but we can still have some fun. I think that’s more incentive to get the bed changed.