First Weekly Meeting

This is like the one I used on Lion.

The weekly meeting of Lion’s Butt in the Sling club met last night in our dungeon. I didn’t peg him. I didn’t put any menthol on him. I had other plans.

I started out with a long piece of Velcro. Lion hates those tiny little teeth. I wrapped it around my weenie a few times and then got Mr. Weenie nice and hard. When I put it on before he gets hard, the blood is not able to flow out once he gets engorged. The Velcro hold him tightly. Then I release it. Suddenly the blood can move freely. Needless to say, it’s a shock to the system. [Lion – It hurts like hell!]

If Lion thought the Velcro’s tiny teeth were bad, my next implement of torture was worse. A Wartenberg wheel has nasty spikes. It is sharp. It is painful. It made Lion jump; well at least try to jump, he was securely bound. I ran it all over his balls, down his perineum, and down the crack of his ass. I think he might rather have had the Velcro back.

Once I was done with the torture portion of our program, I grabbed a butt plug with a tail attached to it. I think it was supposed to be a rabbit tail but it looks more like a fox tail. Initially I wasn’t going to insert the butt plug. I only did because it was easier than holding the tail. Lion likes to have his balls tickled. I was looking for a feather but the tail caught my eye. It worked perfectly.

I’m not sure I can get Lion any closer to the edge than I have been the past few nights. I’ve really been giving him a workout. Zero to sixty in a few minutes and then back to zero in a split second. Back up to sixty in a minute and then back to zero in a split second. Over and over and over. And he stays hard for a while afterward.

Lion noted that he hasn’t been grumpy during this wait. It’s true. He’s done his silly little “buh buh buh horny” from time to time, but there’s no real sense that he’s upset about having to wait. Of course he’s horny but he doesn’t seem to mind it. Maybe he’s finally figured out that he has no say in the matter.


  1. Author

    Sounds like you have things well under control

  2. Author

    Wow. i hurt and edged just reading this, Mrs. Lion , You certainly know how to have a good time. CL , You are one lucky guy to have such a loving and caring spouse. Thank You for sharing
    i shall never look at velcro the same

  3. Author

    I find that longer waits are, although very frustrating, a Whole Lotta Fun when they’re accompanied by plenty of teasing and edging.

    I do hope you continue on to December before allowing the Lion to orgasm – I’m pretty sure he’ll survive the intense hornyness, and he may end up finding it to be a rather addictive experience. I’m pretty sure that his interest won’t wane…

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