Two Days In A Row!

Feast or famine. My bottom is suffering a cornucopia of spankings. I had two only three days apart. The first was a general “You Interrupted Me” spanking. Three days later, on Friday, I was spanked for being snarky. That was much more unpleasant than the first. Then, today (Saturday), I was informed that I forgot to set up the coffee pot for our morning coffee. I legitimately forgot. Mrs. Lion announced that I would be spanked again today. This is the first time I ever received two spankings just a day apart. My bottom is pretty sore from last night. As Mrs. Lion told me, “Oh, well. Maybe you will learn.”

Maybe I will. There appears to be another consequence of a date with Mrs. Lion’s paddles, no sex. I had a great time on Thursday night (“Wood Viagra“). Mrs. Lion used clothespins and her hands to get me to the edge more than once. I had hoped she would let me ejaculate. I looked forward to Friday. Maybe I would get lucky then. Nope. The only part of me that got any attention was my butt. I’m hoping that tonight won’t be a repeat of last night in terms of sex.

Over the years, Mrs. Lion speculated on spanking me two days in a row. Until now, it hasn’t been necessary. Now it has. In her post “Round Two,” she speculated that she might substitute another punishment for spanking. I think she concluded that the alternatives wouldn’t be as effective. She’s right. Soap in my mouth isn’t pleasant but nowhere near as bad as the paddle. Sitting on the punishment stool is very uncomfortable, but again nothing like a spanking.

I guess that’s why domestic discipline almost always involves spanking. As a punishment, it has a lot going for it. You don’t need a lot of skill to do it. It doesn’t take a lot of physical strength to bring a grown man to tears. An effective spanking leaves a memorable impression. It’s humiliating to be spanked and requires almost no equipment to deliver one.

From my perspective, I can say that I hate being punished. I never look forward to a spanking. My bottom hurts as I sit here writing this post. I know it’s going to hurt a lot more tomorrow.

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