I admit it. I wasn’t really in the mood to spank Lion last night. He said he’d gladly postpone it. Ordinarily, I would have been tempted to let it go until tonight. However, it was the first time I’d spanked him two nights in a row. It had to be done.

The dog, who normally gets locked out of the bedroom during punishment because she’s a distraction, laid under the bench and licked Lion’s hands in sympathy. She must have been wondering why the mean lady, who stole most of her toys, was hurting her friend. She didn’t try to stop me by jumping or growling. She was only there to comfort Lion.

Lion’s buns looked sore. They were. I wondered how quickly he would start yelping. In fairness, he’s been yelping fairly soon after any spanking starts, even if I don’t think I’m hitting particularly hard. I do start out slow. He needs time to warm up. Not much time, but I can’t whomp hard out of the gate. I thought he would start bleeding right away. He’d bled a little on Friday night. It wasn’t much, although I did have to wipe it off a few times so it wouldn’t drip onto the carpet. To my surprise, it took a while for him to bleed. I think I was a little more than halfway through when the first drop appeared. Maybe his hide is getting tougher. Again, it bled enough for me to need to wipe it off. It stopped as soon as I was done spanking.

Lion wanted sex too. He needs a little while to recover from spanking. When I tried to get a rise out of my weenie, it wasn’t working. Lion said he didn’t think it would work no matter what I did. We’ve played after punishment before. Maybe this time, it was too much. Two days’ worth of sore buns might have counteracted any ideas of an erection. Perhaps he wasn’t any sorer than he was after the first night, but maybe his pride was a little more hurt. Whatever the reason, we were done for the night.

I don’t know exactly when he did it, but the coffee pot was set for this morning’s breakfast. He’s no dummy. There’s no way he was getting punished three days in a row. I bet he’ll be on his best behavior for about a week. He doesn’t want to see that spanking bench again any time soon.

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  1. Boy, you sure are cavalier about drawing blood. Even the nastier DD’s I encounter on-line seem to consider that a hard limit. I’ve had the shit beat out of me, and the closest I got to blood was having skin ripped of me by a particularly vicious pro.

    1. Some people, like me, ooze a little blood during a paddling. Over the years, we’ve discovered that it isn’t a sign of a serious problem. The first times it happened, Mrs. Lion did stop. Over years we discovered that the blood is probably caused by tiny cracks in my skin. I don’t redden the way most people do. This is a normal reaction that has proven to be non-injurious to me. We both agree that it isn’t a limit or a sign of a problem. Every person is different. Over five years of DD has given us both a lot of experience about what is or isn’t a limit. Perhaps you should consider that we know more about what we do than you.

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