Half and Half


After quite a long time of Lion saying he likes his legs hair-free, now he says he doesn’t care. Of course, this is one day after waxing the backs of his legs. I guess he’s business in the front and party in the back. He’s a weird half and half hybrid. Of what, I don’t know.

I finished waxing his upper frontal yesterday. He really doesn’t have that much hair now. Unfortunately for him, the stubborn hair seems to be where removing it hurts the most. His balls tend to grow wildly long hair. Between the heat of the wax and my yanking said wax off, his balls suffer. It almost makes the base of his cock not mind having the hair yanked out. Almost. Not even his crack is as sensitive as his balls to the hot wax and yanking. Those poor balls. They get swatted, tied, pulled, mentholated, bounced and otherwise abused. And they get admired. I love looking at them whether they’re hanging low or just hanging out.

Lion is sure I said I’d give him an orgasm while he was all oiled up. I just checked. I said I doubted I would. It’s fun to play with him when he’s slippery. I think he’s at a more manageable height on the table. I can change positions easier. And, of course, he’s all oily. He didn’t seem as interested yesterday. He’ll probably think I’m nuts. I can hear him thinking, “I was interested! Honest!” He just wasn’t super hard. Bummer.

I decided to give it another try after dinner. I went to his side of the bed and pushed the covers back. His balls were loose because they’d been kept all warm and toasty. I got my weenie hard, but he still didn’t seem interested. I asked if my technique was lacking. He said he might prefer my mouth. Oh. Well, I can certainly do that. He was soft again by the time we got into position. No problem. I love feeling my weenie get hard in my mouth.

Once I got him hard, I was faced with the age-old dilemma. Do I give him an orgasm or not? He’d only been waiting eight days. But I want to shorten his wait times. But I haven’t edged him much, if at all, since his last orgasm. But I want to give him an orgasm. (How many personalities are in there, anyway?) In the end, I won out. Well, Lion won, but I did too.